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Got Party Globe Lights? You’ve Got a Party!

February 27th, 2012

Nothing says “party” like party lights, but the wrong kind of lights might make your guests think of reindeer on the roof.

party lightsThere’s a way around it, though. All you have to do is use a different shape of bulb. That’s right: It’s actually the pear shape of ordinary decorative bulbs that reminds you of the holidays. When a bulb is perfectly round, though, it’s a different ballgame. That’s why party globe lights will give you that festive look with no Santa cookies required. You just need to know which ones to use for the kind of party you’re throwing.

Party globe lights with white cords and pearly bulbs lend a particularly soft effect when used at a wedding reception. To punch it up a little, just throw in a few strings with clear bulbs, and your room will become a fairy tale. Of course, clear white lights alone will always add sophistication to any formal gathering.

No weddings or fancy dress balls in your future? That’s no excuse! You can still throw a party, and colored party globe lights could be just what you need to take things up a notch. Just run a few strings around your patio, add a few more among the trees, and send out the invitations. Once those colored lights are up, everyone will know where the party is, and somehow, they will have a better time.

There’s no need, though, to restrict colored lights to the great outdoors. Think of a children’s birthday party. Crepe paper streamers are all well and good, but add a few strings of party globe lights, and you’ll take things to a whole new level.

If you want to light up your special event without evoking Christmas in July, you now have the answer. Party globe lights will do it every time.

Using Party Globe Lights to Spruce Up a Party

February 25th, 2012

globe party lightsWhether you’re planning on throwing a festive summer BBQ party or you’re hosting an intimate dinner with friends, party globe lights can make a great addition. Taking a look at the different party globe lights for sale can help you choose the proper length for the size of your outdoor space and the right design for your personal style. Not only can these lights help brighten up the outdoors at night, they can also add a lot of style for your party.

When shopping for party globe lights, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. The measurements of each individual globe can vary, so you will need to take into consideration the size that you would like. Smaller spaces often look best with scaled down globes, while large areas may require larger globes in order to fill out the space. You should also take into account the size of your outdoor space when comparing the length of strings for party globe lights.

The colors and styles of these lights vary and can be selected based on your decorating style. While industrial lights may be a great fit lovers of a downtown lifestyle, others may be more attracted to paper lantern lights that emit a soft and warm glow. Taking into account your unique preferences will ensure you are satisfied with your purchase.

With all of the different party globe lights for sale, you have plenty of freedom over which ones you end up purchasing for your home. While some lights emit plenty of light to keep an entire backyard lit at night, others offer just enough light to see. You may even find some lights that use solar power to remain lit at night through charging in the day. Considering the details of different globe lights should help you narrow down the options to just a few.

The Difference In Stink Bug Traps

February 23rd, 2012

stink bug trapSpring brings blue skies, warm temperatures, pretty flowers and picnics. Unfortunately, it also brings out the stink bugs. They are doubly annoying pests, because they get into everything, and when stomped on or swatted, fill the air with stench. They cover walls, windows and get into food, creating a health hazard.

There are many stink bug traps on the market. Some claim to be non- toxic, others state they are eco- friendly. Exterminators use chemicals that can cause reactions in people and pets.

One trap has a sticky surface wrapped around a post- like fixture. Light from the inside attracts the bugs, who become trapped in the glue. Removing the bug- filled wrap will require wearing gloves. There are sticky sheets that attach to window panes for trapping the bugs. These, too must be removed by the user wearing gloves.

The drawback to these traps is that while they are working, more and more bugs become trapped, may release their stink and look terrible to guests.

One can try homemade traps, but the success may vary from zero to few bugs. Companies selling stink bug traps have researched the different species, where and how they live, what they eat and how to attract them. They test traps day and night to provide products that work.

There are stink bug traps that work indoors or outdoors by using pheromones to attract them. These reusable traps work, because the attractant is not a one- time purchase. The bugs dehydrate to death in the trap, which can be emptied, “re- baited” with more attractant and set up again. No gloves (unless the user wants to wear them) and no sticky mess bumping into anything is part of the benefits of these traps.

Create a Great Setting With Party Globe Lights

February 21st, 2012

Party globe lights add classic, modern or fun ambience to your gathering. Use them outside on the patio, around the back yard or even inside the house. There are models that plug into the house outlets, and solar powered models for those desiring an eco- friendly decorating solution. These are often found adorning the awnings of RV’s.

party globe lightFor a classic look, use the same color bulb in all of the globes. White is a very good color for illumination and accenting items in the party or the garden. For children’s parties or for fun, use different color lights throughout the string. No one says you have to use all one color. The globes are available in a variety of colors. They can be made from glass, paper, plastic or silk- like fabrics.

Decorate a bedroom with party globe lights. Select LED bulbs that will fit into the sockets, or purchase adapters. This adds a fun lighting accent without using a lot of energy. For rooms without lights, such as those found in older houses, they are a great lighting solution.

One of the benefits of party globe lights is their mobility. Use solar- powered models for camping, in your RV or anywhere you would like to have outdoor lighting. They can come in handy for emergencies as well, because they can charge outside and safely light up a room or two when the power is out. There is no need to rely on a generator for electrical lighting.

Find party globe lights at big box stores and online. Prices will depend on the length of the string, the number of lights, whether it is regular voltage or solar- powered, the globe materials or the type of bulbs included. Buy one and give it a test run. If you like it, stock up on more.

Stink Bug Traps: Best Protection From Stink Bugs

February 17th, 2012

outdoor stink bug trapStink Bugs Make Their Presence Known

As if there isn’t enough air pollution these days, stink bugs add to it. These insects are more annoying for their odor than their appearance. They move slowly enough to be stepped on in darkened areas. The first hint of this situation will be a noxious odor that permeates the air and can remain for up to a half hour or more. It’s amazing that a bug less than one inch in size can produce such a foul odor. Hence, their name, “stink bug”. In their natural ecological environment, their rank odor is a protection from predators. In a home or place of business, they are a major irritant. In recent years, homes and buildings have become a safe haven for stink bugs where the safety feature encourages prodigious infestations. Once a stink bug finds entry, their population grows.

Getting Rid Of Stink Bugs With The Least Inconvenience

Once stink bug infestation has begun, the best way to remove them is call in professional exterminators who will provide an effective plan of removal with the least inconvenience. These professionals are experts in removal but also in insuring no re-infestation occurs. There’s another reason to consider licensed, professional exterminators to install a stink bug trap. They can locate the source of entry and offer advice on how they use a stink bug trap to quickly rid the area of these insects.

A Professional Stink Bug Trap
Look for exterminators with experience with infestation that requires a professional stink bug trap. The design of a stink bug trap is engineered to insure safe, effective removal. In addition to setting up a stink bug trap in the designated areas, the professional exterminators remove traps and bring relief to a odoriferous situation. Their techniques are clean, fast and accurate.

So Long, Stink Bugs!

February 15th, 2012

stink bugs leafPeople in the country of Laos consider stink bugs to be delicious because of their strong odor. But if you are dealing with stink bugs in your garden, yard, or house, you are probably ready to ship them all to Laos, if you could only catch the pesky things! They don’t often interact with humans, but when they do, they are bothersome, to say the least. The young stink bugs can feed on plants, including apples and other tree fruits, and can cause quite a bit of damage. Of course, there are steps you can take to prevent the pests from entering your house, such as making sure cracks are sealed and screens are kept in good repair. If the problem is extensive, you may want to contact a professional pest control company for help. Smashing the bugs isn’t an option, because then you have the mess and the rancid smell to contend with. So, the best way to take care of the problem is to put out some stink bug traps.

Stink bug traps that are sold commercially are a practical solution. The companies who manufacture them have researched the different species of stink bugs to learn what attracts them, so that they can make the most effectual trap. The stink bug traps are readily available and vary somewhat. Some attract only adult bugs, while others attract the young as well. Some use a pheromone attractant that is non-toxic and odorless to humans: others use light to attract the bugs and are pesticide-free. Some are reusable, while others are made for one-time use. There are stink bug traps intended for outdoor use, and some that are specially made for use indoors. Whatever the nature of your stink bug problem, there is no shortage of solutions from which to choose.

Features of the Perfect Stink Bug Trap

February 13th, 2012

stink bug trapWith waves of warm weather striking earlier in the year than usual, the stink bug infestation is expected to be especially troublesome. This has more people than ever concerned with finding a stink bug trap that actually works. Those who have experienced the critters know they are more than a mere annoyance. Stink bugs can destroy a garden or expensive landscaping job, invade the home, and bite pets and children.

Instead of reading the numerous reviews available of every type of stink bug trap on the market, consider these trapping tactics common to all of them. The best choice of trap will be one that utilizes more than one tactic to control stink bug populations.

Stink bugs regularly enter the home when doors are opened at night, because they are attracted to light. Many types of trap use this as a basis for luring bugs to their grave. An outdoor light trap may not be effective due to the presence of other light sources. An indoor light trap can be useful for stopping a home infestation, but it will require complete dark for maximum effectiveness.

Stink bugs find each other for mating by following a special pheromone. Researchers commonly employ this pheromone to make stink bug traps. A stink bug trap based solely off scent will have varying degrees of effect, largely dependent on the weather. Stink bugs mate at night in warm temperatures. If the temperatures fall to below 60 Fahrenheit at night, or it rains, these likely will not work.

The color yellow attracts many insects, including stink bugs. However, it is a weaker attraction than the others listed. Sticky traps are unlikely to capture more than a few stink bugs. Combining two or more attractants will result in a more effective stink bug trap.

Controlling Stink Bugs in Gardens and Homes

February 11th, 2012

Stink bugs originally got their name from the rotting smell they give off when threatened or crushed. Since nobody wants their home to smell like rotting food, it’s very important to have a stink bug control plan in place if you begin noticing them around your home.

stink bug controlIt’s common to see stink bugs outside in the spring or summer, especially if you garden. These odds increased even more if you live in a warm climate as these are where the bugs thrive, making stink bug control even more important. Those who garden will want to check the underside of leaves for eggs that the female stink bug lays. If any are found, it’s highly recommended that you spray with insecticides that are specifically made to destroy the eggs, such as Endosulfan, Carbaryl, or Permethrin. If you prefer to go a more organic route, soapy water sprayed onto the leaves has also been shown to be affective.

It’s also important to note that you should never crush stink bug eggs. Just like the bug itself, these eggs will emit a foul smelling oder which attracts other insects, some of which can be even more damaging to the gardener.

The best plan for stink bug control inside your home is prevention. Stink bugs live for many years, so once the summer heat has passed and the cool weather begins to arrive, these little creatures are going to start looking for a warm place to spend their winter. Unfortunately, many bugs choose to make their nests inside homes by squeezing through windows, cracks, or other openings within the walls.

Stink bug control prevention includes sealing up any visible cracks and moving any potted plants, which are prime nesting spots. If you find that you already have a stink bug infestation within your home, an exterminator should be called right away so they can vacuum them up. Crushing them yourself will only attract additional bugs because of the scent.

An Event to Remember – Using Party Globe Lights

February 11th, 2012

party globe lightsThere is nothing that is more impressive than spectacular lighting at a special event. This is especially true when party globe lights are used. These most popular lights come on a string, with bulbs which can be small or large, depending on the effect you want to achieve. They come with all-weather wiring which means they can be used indoors or outdoors.

Party globe lights are especially effective at a party, when you want a light that is softer than the usual overhead illumination. They provide a feeling of intimacy and are effective in making everyone feel welcome and relaxed. They are also excellent for weddings, outdoor tent gatherings, and any other important events.

Not to be forgotten is the outdoor garden. There is nothing more spectacular than to sit on the patio, in the dark of night, with the party globe lights shining throughout. They give a completely different look to the landscape, and are a spectacular sight, especially if you are having a bar-b-cue party.

The party globe light itself is almost perfectly round, which distinguishes it from the pear-shaped light that is often used for decorating. There are both large and small globes. The larger ones are 10 lights to a string, while the smaller ones are 20 globes to a string. They are designed to be hooked together so can be used in any sized area.

They are available in clear, pearl white or colors and can be purchased with a dark or white cord. The pearl white party globe light has a satin sheen which makes it elegant looking and very impressive. Regardless of what kind of event is taking place, there is no doubt that having party globe lights will make it an occasion that will be remembered for a long time to come.

The Miele Onyx Vacuum Is A Top-Rate Machine

February 9th, 2012

Miele OnyxWhen it comes to canister vacuums, the Miele Onyx vacuum can’t be beat. This modern vacuum is powered by a 1200-watt Vortex motor system which provides very effective yet quiet vacuuming capabilities. All types of smooth flooring and low-pile carpeting and rugs are superlatively cleaned by this machine.

This lightweight vacuum is easy to maneuver via 360* castor wheels and it features a rear parking system. Large areas can be cleaned without stopping to plug the cord into other outlets when using the Miele Onyx vacuum.

In fact, this machine offers a 33-foot operating radius. The long, automatically-rewinding electrical cord, non-electric hose and lightweight stainless steel cleaning wand make vacuuming with the Miele Onyx Canister Vacuum a breeze.

In physical size, the Miele Onyx vacuum is 9″ height, 17″ length and 10″ width. The standard color of this canister vacuum is deep black.

The filter system on the Miele Onyx vacuum features an advanced design that offers superior performance. The filter bag on this canister vacuum features a self-locking, sealed collar that prevents dust and other matter from being released from the bag into the air.

An electrostatically charged air filter in the Miele Onyx vacuum provides maximum particle retention. A pre-motor dust compartment filter is also part of this vacuum’s filter system.

A wide range of floor surfaces can easily be vacuumed with this machine. A Rotary Dial Power Selector on the machine provides easy adjustment to different surfaces, with six variable power settings offered.

Accessories that are included with the Miele Onyx vacuum are a Turbo Comfort brush and a Parquet Twister floor brush.

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