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Versatile Brown Wire Lights Brighten Up Any Space

Monday, January 9th, 2012

brown wire lightsIt’s the brown color of the wiring that makes brown wire lights so versatile. Stringing lights offers a variety of decorative options, but too-visible wiring can detract from the effect. The color brown blends beautifully with so many natural materials used in today’s neutral-toned interiors, particularly with wood. Whether decorating specifically for the holiday season or for decorative applications throughout the year, brown wire lights illuminate imaginative style.

Savvy interior designers and decorators understand the value of effective lighting. Brown wire lights make a striking addition to the lighting categories that designers draw from to provide direct and ambient light to rooms. Along with natural light, lamps, spot and track lighting, they help light up a room’s decorative style. Dark corners make rooms feel cramped and small. Brown wire lights strung on an arrangement of bare branches will not only add illumination to corners, but will add strong architectural interest to the overall design of the room as well.

Brown wire lights add a natural look to popular grapevine wreaths and garlands, creating a festive decoration that adds sparkle to entertaining. They are ideal for decorating wood surfaces, such as mantelpieces, windows and doors, mirror and picture frames, where the wiring will seem to disappear, creating floating points of light. Tuck them in a bowl of wooden balls or pine cones for a glowing centerpiece.

In homes that feature wood ceiling molding, brown wire lights can frame rooms with distinction, creating a particularly effective style for small areas, such as powder rooms, entryways and stairwells. Affordable and versatile, lights with subtle brown wiring spark the imagination, expanding the possibilities for creative style.

Rise and Shine with Brown Wire Christmas Lights

Friday, December 30th, 2011

brown wire Christmas lightsBrown wire Christmas lights are fantastic for many different occasions. The brown color of the wire becomes invisible against many backgrounds. These are the best versatile lights for use in hundreds of creative projects all year long.

Decorating outside with brown wire Christmas lights is ideal, since the wire blends into the trunks and branches of trees. Nativity scenes are notorious for using these types of lights. The wire disappears into the stable, leaving beautiful halos of light.

After the holiday season, the warm glow of a Christmas tree can be mimicked in many ways. Use brown wire Christmas lights indoors to brighten floral decor. Ficus or palm trees provide lovely bases to string the lights. They create a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

Wedding receptions are another place to use brown wire Christmas lights. The dark folding tables will hide the wire, especially when draped with material such as lace or tulle. The result is a beautiful room filled with soft lighting.

In the summer, the lights are a terrific way to enhance the garden. String them all around the trees, gazebos, picnic tables, and sitting areas. Light up paths with these lights instead of traditional outdoor lighting. Rock gardens are another place that would appreciate some twinkling lights.

Brown wire Christmas lights do not need to be packed away with the rest of the Christmas decor. There will always be a place to display them. They are the solution to any room in the house that has harsh lighting. Outdoors, they will create sparkling wonderlands any time of the year. Brown wire Christmas lights will certainly light up your life!

Unique Brown Christmas Light Ideas

Monday, December 26th, 2011

A drive through most neighborhoods in December will reveal hundreds of homes, each lit up with beautiful Christmas lights. However, after a few minutes you might begin to realize that each home looks remarkably similar to the one before it. For something a little different this holiday season, consider decorating your home with slightly more unique decorations, such as brown Christmas lights. Here are some ideas to get you started:

brown lightsContemporary Homes: In many modern, contemporary homes, traditional decor is skipped over in favor of something new and creative. Brown Christmas lights are the perfect choice for this style of home. The brown Christmas lights will bring something one of a kind to the space, but still illuminate the home in a breathtaking way.

Rustic Cabins: In a more natural setting, one filled with wooden beams and unfinished tables, it might seem out of place to bring in gaudy decorations or bright green, red and blue lights. Instead, consider stringing up some brown Christmas lights. The color will play off the natural materials found in the home, and lend to the rustic effect of the space.

Outdoor Spaces: If you are thinking about hanging some lights on an outdoor tree, from your front porch or even in the windows of your home so they are visible to outdoor passersby, consider brown Christmas lights. As something different and unique, they are more likely to stand out and be the talk of the town than a plain and ordinary set of lights.

Discovering The Joy Of Brown Christmas Lights

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Decorating for Christmas can be lots of fun, but it can also a challenge. Decorators will often aspire to conceal the wires of light strands to create a beautiful, unimpeded display of lights. Decorating trees, fences and homes can be a problem when decorating wood-colored objects. White or green strands stand out like a sore thumb and distract from the overall beauty of a festive light show. Brown Christmas lights are the answer to establishing a gorgeous light display without the annoyance of visible light strings.

brown Christmas lightsThe brown wire blends in nicely and is nearly invisible when the lights are on. Fences, staircases and decks can all be outfitted with brown Christmas lights that are barely noticeable when placed against the wood. Brown Christmas lights are the perfect option for wrapping tree trunks with hundreds of lights without distracting from the beauty of the lights. The lights do not have to come down after the holidays. Brown Christmas lights are so unnoticeable they can be left up year-round. Lights can be used in landscaping or to add a degree of safety to a yard.

Consumers have several options when it comes to choosing the perfect brown Christmas lights. Clear mini lights in 50 or 100-bulb strands are one option. Energy efficient LED bulbs are much brighter and can also be found in the 50 or 100-bulb strands. Typically, light strands come equipped with the very handy end-to-end connecters which allow for several strands of lights on one outlet. These brown Christmas lights make holiday decorating easy and fun.

Creative and Unusual Christmas Decorations

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Step into a typical home during the month of December and you might be greeted with red and green decor, santa statues, traditional wreaths and even white lights. As beautiful as this might look, it will likely look similar to most other homes along the same street. For something daring, creative and unusual, consider these unique and alternative Christmas decoration ideas for your own home:

Outdoor Christmas Trees: This is an affordable, eco-friendly and unique way to spruce up your outdoor space at Christmas. If you have a pine tree, or really any type of tree in your front yard, you can decorate it with lights and even ornaments just like you would with an indoor tree. However, you will save on the cost of buying a new Christmas tree, and you can spread the cheer to more people who will see your lit up tree from the street.

Unique Colors: Many homeowners decorate with the main colors of red and green, or accessorize with silver and white lights. While this is attractive, one way to stand out is with brown Christmas lights. Using brown Christmas lights is great if you have to support a certain athletic team whose color is brown, such as the Cleveland Browns. In addition, brown Christmas lights often look more appropriate in a rustic cabin or more rural home.

Around the World: If you want to make sure that your Christmas decorations stand out, opt for a more ethnic version of your favorite characters and styles. Consider purchasing some decorations from Germany or Italy, which are often handmade and will look attractive on the tree or the mantle. Plain, wooden carvings look stunning when compared to gaudy plastic items that are so common today.

By including unique items like outdoor Christmas trees, brown Christmas lights and international decorations, your holiday display can be truly unique.

Light Strings Ready to Graduate from the Tree

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

A string of lights on trees and wreaths has become so commonplace during the holidays that they just don’t look right without the twinkling of these tiny captured stars. Light strings for the holidays are most commonly made with green wire to better show off the lights themselves, as the prominence of the green wire is reduced among a mass of evergreen boughs. But what if you want to string your lights somewhere other than on holiday greenery? Strings of lights, during the holidays or not, help brighten the mood in nearly any location, whether an office, home, deck or yard. The green wire on the lights can be hard to miss with other backgrounds, ruining the look you are trying to create. In addition, green wire lights are so associated with the holidays that if using them for another purpose many people will just take note of the greenness and not the lights themselves.

A simple solution? Use brown wire lights instead of green. With brown wire lights, the neutral color of the wire lets it fall into the visual background on any dark colored surface, letting the lights be the ones to step forward. This is also true even if it has no background surface at all, since suspending brown wire lights overhead for an outdoor location leaves only the night sky as the background, and the neutral brown wire is washed out in the brightness of day.

Light strings are too visually striking to only use with evergreen decorations, or even to have their use limited to just the holidays. Brown wire lights let you explore the decorative uses of light strings year round, bringing down some stars from the sky to enliven and brighten your everyday spaces.

Brown Wire Christmas Lights: A Holiday Essential

Friday, December 16th, 2011

brown wire lightsFor the avid holiday decorator, there will likely arise instances in which common green wire Christmas lights are not suitable. Many people wish to decorate their wooden decks. Others have home decor which features exposed wood trim or other areas which have a brown background. Oftentimes, creating an outdoor winter wonderland scene requires decorating trees and other natural landscaping in the yard. These situations call for a less traditional approach to holiday lighting. For those who find themselves faced with a similar holiday decorating dilemma, brown wire Christmas lights may be the ideal solution.

Like green wire Christmas lights, brown wire Christmas lights come in many styles and colors; however, due to the brown coloring of the wire along which the bulbs are stringed, brown wire Christmas lights offer a practical way of concealing unsightly electrical wiring in areas like tree trunks and branches, where green wiring is less likely to blend in with the wood coloring. Not only do brown wire Christmas lights come in strings of single colors and multicolored bulbs, but like green wire lights, they are also available in different wiring styles such as icicles, which can be hung along rooftops and windows, and they also are available in options with bulbs of different sizes and even frosted glass.

The Christmas season brings an exciting opportunity for creativity and self-expression. The many different lighting and decorating options that are available make it easy to create holiday displays that can be tailored to individual tastes and personalities. Planning for logistics, such as finding the right wiring that matches the decorating environment should also be easy. As an alternative to traditional green wire Christmas lights, brown wire Christmas lights can be extremely useful and essential in creating a spectacular and well-executed holiday display.

Brown Christmas Lights Offer a Touch of Elegance

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Christmas is a time when festive people pull out all stops to decorate their homes, businesses, and interiors to the hilt. Bright colors, big Santa blow-ups, and decorated trees create an atmosphere of festivity and good cheer. Brown Christmas lights provide a more elegant option for decorating for people who have grown weary of hanging up the same tinsel and the same brightly-colored lights each year.

brown Christmas lightsWhen you use brown Christmas lights in combination with a soft, lighter shade of gold or white lights, your holiday décor transforms to an elegant and understated form of beauty. Sometimes standing out from the crowd and decorating for the holidays in a subtle fashion is truly what makes your home or business appealing and inviting.

Brown Christmas lights give off an atmosphere of cozy and quaint charm while also relaying sophistication. Many business owners and homeowners are beginning to seek out new ways to decorate for Christmas in a way that will provide guests with an inviting welcome. Brown Christmas lights are not overly bright in color and these specific colored lights offer a warmth and hue that is simply understated and fashionably discreet.

For people that love to place lights around every window, on every tree, and throughout their home exterior and interior, using brown Christmas lights is a way to fully light up your area without making the lighting seem harsh and overbearing. Brown is an Earth tone color and this shade of Christmas light blends nicely with evergreen décor, white lights, and natural shades that display the ancient and traditional meaning of Christmas.

The Use of White Wire Lights for Parties & Home

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

White wire lights are increasingly becoming popular in use for home and party decoration. A string of LED lights is often reserved for use in the holidays, but the classic look of twinkling white wire lights can fit in a variety of situations. Many people planning their wedding decide to use these lights since they offer a soft glow and can look very romantic when strung properly. These lights can also look great when decorating a room- especially for teenagers and children.

Choosing the right lighting for a wedding or party can be difficult when trying to go for a soft unobtrusive look. Stringing white wire lights on a gazebo or across a ceiling can provide some subtle lighting and look very nice. Whether the theme is a winter wonderland or flashy Vegas look, these lights can look fantastic.

Decorating a home with white wire lights may be a new concept for many people, but it can still look very nice. A lot of people opt for these lights to be strung around windows and on bookcases. While it may not fit into some homes, these lights can look right at home in homes featuring fun and trendy decorations.

There are a lot of options when it comes to wire lights for decorating. In order to determine what size to purchase, an individual needs to consider how they are going to incorporate these lights into their home or party. Stringing lights across a ceiling often calls for long cords, while some situations may need a very short string.

The use of LED white wire lights is becoming increasingly popular due to the fun look it provides. The modern look of stringed lights can fit in nicely into homes and parties. The soft glow and range of sizes will help pull together a look that fits for a number of situations.

A Fascination with Light

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut lightsI admit to a fascination with white wire Christmas lights, and I blame the late, great director, Stanley Kubrick, for it.

While I may not have caught all the underlying layers of meaning of Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick’s obscure, final movie, the use of Christmas lights throughout the film certainly caught my attention. Reviewers of the movie tried to explain their meaning. Red symbolized sex and marriage, while blue symbolized danger and death, said one.

None mentioned the wall of white wire Christmas lights that lit the wall along the stairs in an early party scene. Strung from top to bottom in narrow stripes, the illumination of the white lights was amped up by the white wires and the white wall behind them, casting an almost tangible glow on everything and everyone. “Note to self,” I thought at the time, “white wire Christmas lights for parties from now on.”

Later, I emended that mental note. Why wait for a party? I began to imagine other uses for white wire Christmas lights. How striking they would look strung vertically within that cutout in the wall between the living room and dining area. Why not use them as a glowing runner for the dining room table? Why not string that white manzanita branch in the corner with them?

Then I hit upon My Brilliant Idea. Ripping the shade off of a lamp that no longer worked, I strung white wire Christmas lights up and down tightly along the remaining wire frame. Et voilà, a charming new lamp. I loved the look so much that I gave the same treatment to another lamp in my bedroom. I’m still coming up with other uses for white wire Christmas lights. Meanwhile, I think I’ll plan that party.

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