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‘White Wire Lights’ Archive

The Use of White Wire Lights for Parties & Home

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

White wire lights are increasingly becoming popular in use for home and party decoration. A string of LED lights is often reserved for use in the holidays, but the classic look of twinkling white wire lights can fit in a variety of situations. Many people planning their wedding decide to use these lights since they offer a soft glow and can look very romantic when strung properly. These lights can also look great when decorating a room- especially for teenagers and children.

Choosing the right lighting for a wedding or party can be difficult when trying to go for a soft unobtrusive look. Stringing white wire lights on a gazebo or across a ceiling can provide some subtle lighting and look very nice. Whether the theme is a winter wonderland or flashy Vegas look, these lights can look fantastic.

Decorating a home with white wire lights may be a new concept for many people, but it can still look very nice. A lot of people opt for these lights to be strung around windows and on bookcases. While it may not fit into some homes, these lights can look right at home in homes featuring fun and trendy decorations.

There are a lot of options when it comes to wire lights for decorating. In order to determine what size to purchase, an individual needs to consider how they are going to incorporate these lights into their home or party. Stringing lights across a ceiling often calls for long cords, while some situations may need a very short string.

The use of LED white wire lights is becoming increasingly popular due to the fun look it provides. The modern look of stringed lights can fit in nicely into homes and parties. The soft glow and range of sizes will help pull together a look that fits for a number of situations.

A Fascination with Light

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Eyes Wide Shut lightsI admit to a fascination with white wire Christmas lights, and I blame the late, great director, Stanley Kubrick, for it.

While I may not have caught all the underlying layers of meaning of Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick’s obscure, final movie, the use of Christmas lights throughout the film certainly caught my attention. Reviewers of the movie tried to explain their meaning. Red symbolized sex and marriage, while blue symbolized danger and death, said one.

None mentioned the wall of white wire Christmas lights that lit the wall along the stairs in an early party scene. Strung from top to bottom in narrow stripes, the illumination of the white lights was amped up by the white wires and the white wall behind them, casting an almost tangible glow on everything and everyone. “Note to self,” I thought at the time, “white wire Christmas lights for parties from now on.”

Later, I emended that mental note. Why wait for a party? I began to imagine other uses for white wire Christmas lights. How striking they would look strung vertically within that cutout in the wall between the living room and dining area. Why not use them as a glowing runner for the dining room table? Why not string that white manzanita branch in the corner with them?

Then I hit upon My Brilliant Idea. Ripping the shade off of a lamp that no longer worked, I strung white wire Christmas lights up and down tightly along the remaining wire frame. Et voilà, a charming new lamp. I loved the look so much that I gave the same treatment to another lamp in my bedroom. I’m still coming up with other uses for white wire Christmas lights. Meanwhile, I think I’ll plan that party.

Light Up The Night With White Christmas Lights

Sunday, July 31st, 2011

wreath white lightsNothing is as beautiful as white Christmas lights, however; they are not just for Christmas anymore. More and more we are seeing these lights used at weddings, special events and on patios and porches. There is no right or wrong way to use these lighting wonders. The only limitations are ones imagination.

At Christmas time there is something about these little lights. They glistening off the snow and it tends to give the whole area a holiday glow. Decorating a tree outdoors or twirling them around your railings, the uses are endless.

Here are some popular ways to use these white Christmas lights:

1. Evening dinning alfresco – They can light up the evening sky and create ambiance to your dinner party.

2. Romantic Bedroom – By wrapping these lights in netting, you can create a romantic environment in your

3. Light up Foliage – Use white Christmas lights in a real or fake plants or trees for warmth and a homey feel.

4. Grapevine Trees – Most people have grapevine trees on their porches. Wrapping these lights with some
ribbon and décor can make your home feel inviting.

5. Wedding Arches – It is becoming the normal thing to see beautiful floral trellises with the white Christmas
lights in them. It seems to add a whole other dimension to the focal point.

6. Wreathes – Nothing is as special as a Christmas Wreath hanging on the door. It seems they are just the
Perfect touch to a holiday home. Adding some elegant white Christmas lights, can make that wreath pop
with class and stand out among the neighbors.

No matter how you choose to use these white Christmas lights, the outcome with be the same. They provide a warm glow to whatever they touch. These lights are inexpensive and can come in battery operated or electric. Most retailers have caught on to their popularity and you can buy them year round.

Using White Wire Lights as Decoration

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

white LED lightsWhite wire lights make the perfect addition for a variety of settings. These twinkling lights are often seen used as Christmas decorations, but can also be a good way to decorate a party or even at home. The variety of uses for white wire lights makes them a wonderful piece of decoration. The low cost and minimal electricity used also makes white wire lights fantastic for different occasions.

Many people consider using these lights for wedding or parties due to the festivity they can add. Twinkling lights on a string are often reserved for the holidays, but white lights are a nice option that can be used year-round. Decorating the ceiling with strings of white wire lights can look beautiful, along with stuffing clear glass vases with these lights.

There are a large range of options for lights in terms of size. A lot of people choose the longest cord as possible, since they will be used them to string across a room. Some examples of situations that may call for shorter lights are when they are used in a vase or as table décor. Considering the use for white wire lights will help an individual make the best purchase.

Decorating a room or party is so easy with the use of white wire lights. The LED lights in these strings look festive when used for a wedding or party without a lot of effort. The relatively low cost of these lights is another appealing factor when an individual is searching for decorations.

Incorporating these LED lights into a home is another nice idea when decorating around windows. The number of uses, size of strings, and affordability are all excellent reasons why these lights have become very popular for wedding and party decoration.

Decorating With White Wire Lights

Friday, June 17th, 2011

white wire lightsChristmas tree lights are great for decorating, unfortunately their green wires don’t blend well with the decor. White wire lights are available for year round decorating as well as Christmas decorating. Some strands can be used indoors and outdoors, while others are just for indoor use. Be sure to check the package to see where they can be used.

White has become very popular in home decor because of its clean and classic look. Other colors and trends come and go, but white will always remain popular. White is becoming popular for artificial trees and wreaths. White wire lights can be used to decorate these and the white wire will blend in with the branches.

Many people are using white wire lights as accent lighting in the home. Because they are low wattage and the bulbs don’t get hot, they can be left on for long periods of time. The lights can be used to wrap around white ceiling fans for ambient light in a room. They can also be used above cabinets to give a soft glow as a night light or to create mood lighting.

White wire lights can also be used for Christmas lights. The trend of white decorating has hit holiday decorations, too. Many wreaths, trees and other outdoor accessories are now white. The white wires will blend in so only the light bulbs show. If the strands are approved for outdoor use, they can be wrapped around outside decorations such as reindeer or trees. They can also be used on white porch columns for extra lights during the holidays.

White wire lights can be used year round or for Christmas decorating. The white wire lets them blend in with more home decor. Before using them outside, double check the packaging to make sure they are approved for outdoor use.

Year-Round Uses for White Christmas Lights

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

white wedding lightsAlthough white Christmas lights are most commonly used at Christmas, they are useful for many other decorating projects. From ambient lighting to wedding decor, these tiny lights offer many frugal options for decorators on a budget.

Decorate for Other Holidays

There is no reason a string of white lights must only be used for Christmas decorations. Rather than decorating trees with white Christmas lights, they can be hung in different shapes to celebrate different holidays. Just tack up a heart for Valentine’s Day or bunny for Easter and create instant, seasonally-appropriate, decor.

Ambient Light

Ambient light can be used to show off other decorative items, contribute to a romantic dinner, or simply provide subtle light that doesn’t affect television watching. White Christmas lights are a frugal option for creating ambient light in the home. A string of white lights can be bunched on top of kitchen cabinets to create a soft glow. They can also be gathered into jars filled with potpourri. These jars give off a light scent as they gently glow. Another option is the family room or bar. They are frequently utilized in these informal spaces to create a touch of decoration while softly illuminating the area.


White Christmas lights are the frugal bride’s best friend. These cost-effective decorations can used to provide romantic lighting at an outdoor wedding. They can also be used to decorate the head table. For a great centerpiece, decorative vases can be filled with any color marbles and a string of white Christmas lights. This produces a beautiful, glittering centerpiece that everyone will love.

While people habitually toss extra strands of white Christmas lights each season, there is no reason to throw these treasures away. With a little ingenuity, those lights can be transformed into a creative decorative item.

The Joy of LED Christmas Lights

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

What is it about LED that continues to draw people to them? The best time of year to see and fully appreciate the variety and abundance of this technology is during the Holidays, when many people proudly show off their LED Christmas lights. Among the soft glow of incandescent bulb

Christmas Lights For All Seasons

Friday, June 10th, 2011

white Christmas lightsWhite Christmas lights aren’t just for the Holiday season anymore. Gardens, decks, and pools all sparkle in the summer twilight with the additions of the little white twinkle lights. Indoors they provide a playful feel to a room, and the low energy LED white Christmas lights are a great alternative to a night light and a lot prettier.

For outdoor use, buy the correct version of the lights and they will last longer. Try spiraling them up a stair railing for illumination in a normally dim place. During a summer party that lasts until after dark they will not only add a touch of romance, but keep feet safely on the steps. Weave them into a trellis to admire night blooming moonflowers after dark and drink in their intoxicating aroma. Wrap them around a pool or hot tub and relax after dark when it’s finally cool outdoors.

In the garden, use white Christmas lights to enhance a gazebo or pergola. A dining area lit by twinkle lights becomes the outdoor version of a candlelit meal. Trees lit up become year round celebration beacons. A path limned with white Christmas lights will lure party guests out into your beautiful garden. Plant with white flowers that will glow in the dim illumination.

For indoor decoration, there are several options for white Christmas lights, from the traditional bulbs to LEDs to rope lights. A rope light can make a dark stairwell safer and more attractive. Twinkle lights in the bedroom can add a touch of romantic whimsy. A four poster bed with lights in the canopy is one idea. A playful strand of LEDs in a child’s room drives away fear of the dark.

Recycling Christmas Lights

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Once that special time of the year has gone by and all of your presents are unwrapped, there’s still a lot of work to be done, cleaning up after Christmas. One of the biggest hassles for most families after the holiday season is packing up their brown wire Christmas lights, and very few folks actually think of recycling Christmas lights. They get tangled and broken, scattered and used as jump ropes. A lot of the time, once you’ve finally finished packing your Christmas lights, they are no longer even suitable for use.

Do not throw out those strands of holiday goodness, though. There is so much they can still be used for. Before you start wrestling your Christmas lights away for the year, take a moment to think about some of these ideas for recycling Christmas lights:

Home decorating can be a great, fun way of recycling Christmas lights and putting those strands to good use. You can use the lights to line your hallway or closets, giving yourself some soft lights to keep your way lit on those late night trips to the fridge. Recycling Christmas lights can help to make your home safer, as well. Line your staircase or patio steps to help people avoid tripping.

Decorate your bookshelves or other home furniture, Christmas lights can help to highlight and draw attention to your favorite books, movies, awards or trophies. You can even string some lights up behind your television and make your viewing experience easier on your eyes.

If you have teenagers or young adults in your family, they will often find great, imaginative ways to use the Christmas lights in their bedrooms or dorms. That way, the lights are out of your hair, and you know where to find them for next year.

Lighting Up The Holiday With Exterior Christmas Lights

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

exterior Christmas lightsPeople love holidays. We like to prepare special meals, dress up in appropriate garb, and we love to decorate. Of all the holidays we celebrate, Christmas is one of the most celebrated in terms of decorating. The most festive way we decorate is with exterior Christmas lights. Even items previously displayed by themselves now have lights on or within them.

Exterior Christmas lights have certainly come a long way since people first started utilizing Christmas lights. And the festive lights often remain outside for much longer than the Christmas season. Some homeowners keep their lights up and on all year-round. It’s not that rare to see exterior Christmas lights sparkling in the nighttime in a tree, even in the summer. Country homes in the American Northeast often display them at night

Traditionally, all exterior Christmas lights were large, very bright, they used more electricity and they could be dangerous. The wiring was liable to fray and start a fire. Eventually, manufacturers redesigned them to be smaller, less bright, easier to handle, less expensive and less likely to start a fire. Of course, the larger bulbs are still available but they are now safer and designed to use less electricity.

One of the more popular varieties of exterior Christmas lights is the ‘icicle’ style that hangs off the eaves. Originally, they were all white. Nowadays, however, they can be found in an array of gay festive colors. They add a charming glow to an accumulated snowfall. The colors reflect off the snow and add an element of charm and enchantment to a crisp winter’s eve.

For the true fan of Christmas and all its ‘trimmings’, Christmas isn’t really complete without exterior Christmas lights. True, the indoor Christmas tree will be festively lit and there will always be greenery, but Christmas lights decorating the exterior will always be a prominent feature. Like the original star over Bethlehem, outdoor lights are an important part of the mystique.

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