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‘Nebo Flashlights’ Archive

Nebo Blueline Cousin of the Popular Nebo Redline

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

LED technology is evolving right before our eyes.  Just a couple of years ago there were only a few LED flashlight options on retail shelves.  Now many stores offer just as many LED flashlights as standard incandescent ones.  Just as recently as a year ago the standard LED flashlight wasn’t all that powerful, usually it couldn’t cast an equivalent amount of lumens (light) to match the average incandescent flashlight.  Plus, LED flashlights were priced well above their relative incandescent equivalents.

Fast forward a year and many things have changed.  In mid 2010, Nebo introduced its Nebo Reline, which redefined the consumer LED flashlight standard with a flashlight that could shine 150 yards away (more than a football field).  Consumers have fallen in love with the Nebo Redline.  However, a suggested retail range of $29.99 – $34.99 has scared some away from purchasing the Redline.  Nebo’s response was to come out with the lower cost Nebo Blueline, which has 130 lumens of light as apposed to the 220 lumens of the Redline.  If you are simply looking for a flashlight for around the house or walking outside in the dark the Nebo Blueline is more than sufficient.  It might not be able to shine 1.5 football fields away, but it is more than sufficient for day-to-day tasks in the dark.  Plus, all the other features of the Nebo Blueline are the same as the Nebo Redline. 

Nebo Blueline Features:

  • 130 lumens of light
  • 1x-4x light (switch between spot light to flood light)
  • SOS strobe signal setting
  • LED light life (110,000 hours)
  • Waterproof, anodized aircraft grade aluminum body
  • Steel body clip
  • Magnetic base enables hands free lighting
  • Aggressive self-defense head
  • Glow in the dark on/off button
  • Soft/Hard touch – Soft (half click) allows you to rotate through functions without turning the flashlight off between settings.  Hard touch (full button click) by user will turn light off between light settings.

Nebo Redline takes LED Flashlights to a Whole New Level!

Wednesday, November 24th, 2010

You most likely have played with an LED flashlight at a store before, or maybe you own one.  If this is the case you probably think led flashlights are a nice idea for illuminating a key hole or something else small, but not a replacement for your high powered flashlight.  Well now there’s an answer, Nebo’s Redline LED Flashlight combines the cost savings you receive with LED technology with the power of a traditional incandescent flashlights.

The Nebo Redline features a single LED that produces 220 lumens.  To get an idea of how powerful this is many led flashlights on the market only produce around 35 lumens!  In addition, these traditional LED flashlights cannot produce the wide band that the Nebo Redline can display, nor can they focus their light to shine up to 150 yards away.

Ok, you may say I already have a nice, high end LED flashlight.  Maybe you even have one of Nebo’s other high end models that has been on the market for a couple of years, such as the Nebo CSI Quatro.  Even this Nebo flashlight can’t compare.  Nebo’s CSI Quatro features one led light that emits 75 lumens.  That’s just one third of the power of the Nebo Redline.  There just isn’t anything else in the same ballpark as the Nebo Redline, even within their own product line!

I know spending around $30 for a flashlight seems like a lot, but once you get one of these in your hands you’ll wonder how it’s only $30.  In fact I have had many customers tell me that they are buying one after seeing their friend or family members Redline.

When you have a product that is so great that word of mouth is all the advertising you need, you know you have a winning product.  If your in the market for a new flashlight, look no further than the Nebo Redline!

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