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The Miele Onyx Vacuum Is A Top-Rate Machine

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Miele OnyxWhen it comes to canister vacuums, the Miele Onyx vacuum can’t be beat. This modern vacuum is powered by a 1200-watt Vortex motor system which provides very effective yet quiet vacuuming capabilities. All types of smooth flooring and low-pile carpeting and rugs are superlatively cleaned by this machine.

This lightweight vacuum is easy to maneuver via 360* castor wheels and it features a rear parking system. Large areas can be cleaned without stopping to plug the cord into other outlets when using the Miele Onyx vacuum.

In fact, this machine offers a 33-foot operating radius. The long, automatically-rewinding electrical cord, non-electric hose and lightweight stainless steel cleaning wand make vacuuming with the Miele Onyx Canister Vacuum a breeze.

In physical size, the Miele Onyx vacuum is 9″ height, 17″ length and 10″ width. The standard color of this canister vacuum is deep black.

The filter system on the Miele Onyx vacuum features an advanced design that offers superior performance. The filter bag on this canister vacuum features a self-locking, sealed collar that prevents dust and other matter from being released from the bag into the air.

An electrostatically charged air filter in the Miele Onyx vacuum provides maximum particle retention. A pre-motor dust compartment filter is also part of this vacuum’s filter system.

A wide range of floor surfaces can easily be vacuumed with this machine. A Rotary Dial Power Selector on the machine provides easy adjustment to different surfaces, with six variable power settings offered.

Accessories that are included with the Miele Onyx vacuum are a Turbo Comfort brush and a Parquet Twister floor brush.

What to Consider when Shopping for a Miele Topaz Vacuum Cleaner

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Miele Topaz vacuumA vacuum cleaner is an important investment. The right item makes it easier to clean a home so that it looks its very best. However, not all models are created equally. This is why it is important to really put some thought into choosing the best Miele Topaz vacuum cleaner for a home. The following are some important considerations to make.

Type of Flooring
The type of flooring in a home will affect the type of vacuum cleaner that is bought. For example, hardwood floor is different from a plush carpet. Different models do well with different types of flooring. Similarly, if there are a lot of stairs in the home, then a lightweight model may be needed, and if there are high ceilings, then a person may need to look into a vacuum with a lot of attachments.


Today, there are many additional features included in the latest Miele Topaz vacuum cleaner options. For example, one could look for a model that comes with a variety of attachments to make it easier to clean ceilings and corners, among other things. There are also Miele Topaz vacuum cleaner options that are built so they are lightweight and those that are focused on removing dog or cat hair from a home. Understanding one’s needs and wishes will make it easier to shop for and select a new model.

Gone are the days when price was the only factor for a person shopping for a new vacuum. Today, one needs to really think about his or her home and how to best clean it. Thankfully, there is a vacuum for nearly every type of person or home.

Quality Design and Performance of the Miele Onyx Vacuum

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Miele Onyx vacuumThe Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner stands out as one of the best vacuums on the market in terms of convenience and performance. The vacuum is very easy to carry around due to the handle located on top and the light size. This makes it so perfect for cleaning small spaces with tight corners, hallways, and stairs. Not only is the vacuum convenient to use due to it’s small size, it also boasts a few other useful features. The one-touch cord rewind button allows you to store away the cord in just a matter of seconds. This reduces the time it takes to vacuum significantly, making it much more convenient to use for small messes in the home.

While the Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner is certainly a fantastic option due to it’s compact size, it can also deliver the deep clean that you’re looking for. The 1200-watt vortex motor is designed to keep the machine quiet while cleaning, without sacrificing on quality. Allergy and asthma sufferers are sure to love the addition of a HEPA filter that cuts down on the amount of debris and dust that is emitted for traditional vacuums.

Along with the small size and powerful motor, there are number of other useful additions to the Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner. A variety of tools come stored inside of the vacuum, including a brush and wand. These tools make it easy for you to clean underneath furniture and in tight corners that are often difficult to reach. The small size of this vacuum allows you to clean practically everywhere inside of your home. The parquet floor brush that comes with the vacuum also allows you to reach deep under furniture and baseboards without any trouble. All in all, the Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner is a great investment for anyone looking for a smaller sized vacuum that can deliver an intense clean.

Taking a Close Look at the Miele Topaz Vacuum Cleaner

Friday, January 27th, 2012

If you’re looking for a vacuum that can deliver a deep clean while still fitting in a small home, the Miele Topaz vacuum may be your perfect cleaning machine. Not only can this vacuum work on both bare floors and carpet with ease, you will also be able to enjoy the lightweight design when going up and down stairs. Weighing in at just 9 pounds, the Miele Topaz vacuum cleaner is light enough for almost anybody to use. This makes the vacuum a fantastic choice for cleaning small messes up and the retractable cord makes it easy for the vacuum to be stored away when done.

An active clean air filter is included in the Miele Topaz vacuum, eliminating dust and debris for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. Changing the suction level is a breeze with the six power settings, making it easy to vacuum on practically any surface. You can even set the vacuum to a quiet setting if you are trying to keep the noise down in a home with pets or small children.

The accessories included are a long telescoping wand, upholstery brush, crevice tool, and another larger sized brush. The assortment of tools included allow you to clean throughout your entire home with this single vacuum. The long 21 foot cord makes it easy for you to clean an entire room without needing to unplug and re-plugging into another power source.

With the range of power settings, this vacuum is simple to use on carpet and bare floors alike. Instead of feeling like separate vacuums need to be purchased for the best clean, the Miele Topaz vacuum can handle it all. Trying out different power settings and utilizing the bare floor tool when on hardwood or tile will allow you to get the best clean without a lot of effort.

Miele Topaz Canister Features That May Transform Your Housekeeping

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Sometimes, an upright vacuum is just not going to cut it when you are cleaning house. It may have limited ability to telescope under heavy furniture that may serve as your cat’s secret hiding place. Fluffy’s hideaway, though, can become a cave filled with dust bunnies. You can take comfort in knowing there are options to conquer those hard-to-reach corners.

A canister vacuum model, such as the Miele Topaz, can bring change to your housekeeping ways. The brush on it is power-driven to help catch pet dander, loose fur and dirt. This deep-cleaning option may make a noticeable difference on your low-pile carpeting. It also has a separate brush to handle wood or other noncarpeted flooring.

The Miele Topaz also has a double-jointed arm for the floor brush so that you can reach under appliances and heavy furniture that may be collecting dust. All attachments connect to the canister for easy access. When you are done, you can use the one-touch retractable power cord.

Beyond just serving as a simple vacuum, the Miele Topaz comes with an onboard air filter to help purify and freshen your room’s air quality. There also are different settings for adjust the level of suction depending on what you are vacuuming.

You can compare prices for the German-made Miele Topaz online. You also may want to visit stores in your area to find a model that works for you. This canister may be just what you are looking for to put all of your home’s dust bunnies on notice.

Reduce Indoor Allergy Symptoms

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Do you suffer from indoor allergy symptoms? Are you familiar with the running nose and the red itchy eyes? If you suffer from these symptoms you are probably aware of HEPA filtration systems. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air filtration. You have probably learned that daily vacuuming should reduce allergy symptoms. The Miele Topaz vacuum cleaner really works to reduce allergy symptoms. Many vacuums just stir up dust and particulate matter. The Miele Topaz vacuum cleaner features a completely sealed system that captures dust and particles.

The S5 model series is the very top of the Miele Topaz vacuum cleaner line. All of these models feature a twelve step HEPA filtration process. The completely sealed system also features self sealing dust bags. You will never have to get your face and eyes near an open dust filled bag. All models in this series come with self winding power cords and two cleaning brushes. Upholstery, crevice and dusting tools are also included. All models include a neat storage area for tools. The Miele Topaz vacuum cleaner works on carpet as well as parquet flooring. Two of the S5 models feature filter change indicators. The Capricorn model includes full handle controls.
The Miele Topaz vacuum cleaner has been engineered for ease of use and durability. Seven year warranties are provided for these products. Vacuums are available in an upright, canister and stick form. A pet vacuum is available to combat pet dander, pet hair and fleas and ticks. A charcoal filter can be installed to eliminate pet odors.

Reach A New Level Of Clean In Your Home

Monday, January 16th, 2012

The Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner is perfect if you want to bring your home to the next level of clean. Are you tired of buying vacuum cleaners that promise the moon but don’t deliver? The folks at Miele heard you. That’s why they created the Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner.

Miele Onyx vacuumThe Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner prides itself on being sleek and quiet. However, don’t let its low noise fool you. It might not raise a racket around the house, but it still gets all the cleaning done. The Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner is a low profile vacuum cleaner, which means you can easily maneuver it around tables and chairs. It will also drive away the dirt on bare floors. Its advanced filtration system means it won’t leave behind the stuff you don’t want to talk about. This is the vacuum you need if you have any allergy or asthma sufferers in your home.

The Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner comes with its own attachments. These vacuuming tools are ideal for homes that have wood floors as well as medium pile carpeted floors. The attachments are sturdy and won’t break, and they are easy to use. They are very helpful in homes that have corners and lines that collect dirt, such as homes with carpeted stairs or lots of drapery. When not in use, they can stay connected right to the machine so they don’t get lost.

Are you ready to have your home as clean as it can be? If you are, the Miele Onyx vacuum cleaner is the choice you need to make. This lightweight and affordable vacuum cleaner is making waves in homes everywhere. Try it today and see for yourself.

Miele Vacuums for Long Lasting Quality Performance

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Miele vacuum performanceMiele vacuums are high quality cleaning systems created for discriminating consumers. More than 100 years of distinguished German engineering abounds in today’s Miele vacuum cleaners. The cleaning systems are manufactured for durability and reliability. Miele systems are designed to meet customer’s exacting standards.

The engineering in Miele vacuums is discernible by noting the features built into their systems. The canister vacuums utilize telescoping, functional and ergonomic wands adjustable to comfortably match users’ height. The handles on Miele vacuums are designed to increase the ease of vacuuming. Several models have handles equipped with radio frequency controls that allow a customer to control the vacuum’s power with the push of a button.

Some models of Miele vacuums have suction control, crush proof hoses and different degrees of silence insulation for quiet operation. Other models use LED indicators and have electronic or automatic suction control. Miele systems have a unique Sealed System whereby the entire vacuum cleaner is sealed with one continuous rubber gasket. Miele vacuums’ Sealed System permits a customer to clean their home and the air they breathe. Other vacuum cleaner brands have non-filtered openings that allow particulates to escape into the air that is breathed.

Miele vacuum cleaners incorporate three air filters to provide superior air cleaning and achieve praiseworthy hygiene levels. A Super Air Clean filter is incorporated for average use. The second is an Active Air Clean filter that utilizes charcoal to neutralize unpleasant odors and is especially beneficial for pet owners. The most effective filter available for Miele is the HEPA filter that does an excellent job removing particulates from the air.

A major feature that makes the Miele systems superior to their competition is the faith the company has on their durability. The systems are engineered to have long life spans with minimal repairs. Miele provides a 7 year warranty on the cleaner motor and casing. Miele vacuums have proven themselves for over a century and that experience translates into satisfied users.

Meet My Miele

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Miele vacuum cleaners offer a variety of models and sizes. Whether you consider a canister or an upright, the Miele vacuum parts and allergy sufferers have a love affair of sorts. Since the premier line of canister vacuums is the most popular, take a minute to reflect on the reasons for the popularity: large variety of tools, power that handles all kinds of flooring and an amazing filtration system.

Miele vacuum partsMiele Vacuum Parts

This Italian vacuum with the name that translates into English as “honey” has health and convenience to offer. Press the button on the top of the machine and the cover pops revealing the storage compartment for 3 Miele vacuum parts: upholstery cleaner, straight-line brush and the circular brush.

Telescopic, ergonomic handle and flexible hose allow you to use this machine without hurting your wrist. It is also easy to reach faraway corners and upper nooks and crannies. One popular canister model captures and retains particles that cause lung problems with asthmatics. None of the allergens can escape back into the air.

Tucked into back of the canister is another of the Miele vacuum parts – the 30 foot cord, which allows you to clean a large room easily. The indicator lights on the cover tell you to change the filter or replace the dust bag. Storage is never problematic because the wand and hose fit neatly into their own space saving clip on the side of the canister.

Another model in this elite line of canisters has a very low ($599) price tag. Usually, this means you will give up some of the Miele vacuum parts or features, but this is not the case. This canister has the HEPA filter and new 9-ply AirClean G/N dust bag making it the most hygienic vacuum on today’s market.

Lightweight Heavy Duty Worker

Miele canister vacuums are more popular than the stick-straight upright models. Canister colors are bright appealing to most buyers and the Miele is lightweight. Don’t let that fool you because this is a workhorse – a leader among many contenders. It cannot … will not … be beat. It’s a Miele.

From Carpet to Hardware Floors, Miele Vacuums Do It All!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Miele vacuums are well known for their power and filtering abilities. Some of these vacuums come with accessories built in, but what about the rest of us? Miele vacuum accessories are easily accessible, and will extend the usability of your Miele vacuum tenfold.

Miele vacuum powerbrushOne of the Miele vacuum accessories is the powerbrush. Remember those old powerbrushes your parents used to use? Have that deep cleaning power of a powerbrush with the suction and filtering power of the Miele vacuum. A dedicated motor operates the bristles, powering through dirt and grime.

If you have a lower or medium nap carpet, another one of the Miele vacuum accessories is the turbobrush. This provides a deep clean for carpets without the need for a electric hose. Many homes have carpets with smaller naps, making this accessory a must for any Miele vacuum owner.

How about those hard surface floors? Another one of the Miele vacuum accessories is the hardwood floor tool. There is a wide variety of selection depending on the floors in your house. There are 2 and 3 floor brush tools that give you a wide variety of hardwood floors. You can also get the all in one option, the combination rug and hardwood floor tool.

For the more mobile options, you can also pick up a dusting brush tool or flexible crevice tool to get in those cracks. The upholstery tool is perfect for picking pet hair out of those couches. Anyone with kids will want to pick up the Car Clean plus set, complete with all the tools you need to get those Cheerios from under the seat!

The Miele vacuum is a powerful tool, which can be made even more useful with a few extra Miele vacuum accessories.

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