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Brabantia Ironing Boards Make The Despised Acceptable

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Since nearly everyone hates ironing, it’s an accomplishment when a task so despised becomes acceptable. And while it may never rank as a universal favorite, clearly the designers of Brabantia ironing boards have devised products to finally keep ironing off the most dreaded list. How do Brabantia ironing boards make users forget that they are, after all, ironing?

hate ironingWhile wrinkled clothing is distasteful, it’s not surprising that many shoppers avoid garment labels that even hint of an iron being needed. One must throw caution to the wind when investing in 100% cotton or linen items that will surely require “pressing” to make it through two wearings, let alone an actual washing and drying experience. However, such fabrics are breathable, comfortable and look great when crease-and-wrinkle-free, thus manufacturers cannot be blamed for being honest. Luckily, with a Brabantia ironing board, the dilemma is resolved, the board a secret weapon reducing fears that something can’t be worn more than once without requiring drudgery.

Brabantia ironing boards are designed to make the job easier. Built sturdily, with safety locks and non-slip legs, they erase thoughts of collapsing while in use or pinched fingers during set-up. Some offer a built-in iron rest, keeping the iron from making singe marks on the cover’s cute designer print.

Moreover, to eliminate further wrinkling of just-ironed clothes, some Brabantia ironing boards provide a smart alternative: a rack attachment, making it a snap to hang finished pieces while ironing. Besides preventing wrinkling, maybe Brabantia has decided that users will enjoy ironing too much to waste time taking pieces to the closet!

Brabantia ironing boards come in various prices, with sizes to accommodate different spaces. Not every laundry room is spacious, nor is that necessary with a Brabantia ironing board. It ensures ironing can happily progress just about anywhere. What’s more, even though all models can be closet-stored, it wouldn’t be unusual to see them left standing, covers changed to suit the season or the mood. That’s what happens when ironing becomes fun again!

Looking Good With Brabantia Ironing Boards

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

What’s easier and more fun than ironing? Almost anything, that’s what. But it has to be done. Nothing makes a better impression than a pressed blouse and nothing says “I just rolled out of bed” like a pair of trousers that look like they just rolled out of the drier. That’s why Brabantia has produced the most versatile and easy-to-use ironing boards around. Brabantia ironing boards are the perfect choice for people who take pride in the way they look and who want an ironing board that lets them smooth out the wrinkles as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Brabantia ironging boardsTo make ironing less of a chore, Brabantia ironing boards feature an array of options that will ease the drudgery of the never ending battle of the wrinkles. With choices that include a meal steam unit, a pull out iron rest and a linen rack for keeping just-ironed clothes wrinkle free, Brabantia ironing boards prove that all ironing boards are not created equal.

Designed to work well with steam irons – the most efficient way to erase wrinkles – Brabantia ironing boards feature steam control that minimizes unwanted condensation build-up. Sturdy enough to stand up to constant downward pressure Brabantia ironing boards come equipped with slip resistant handles and legs and safety locks that ensure they will stay open for business until the job is done. And, to relieve tired backs, Brabantia has a board that comes with a chair that can be adjusted to just the right height for sitting down on the job.

With models priced between $35 and $300, Brabantia ironing boards fit any budget and make looking good less of a chore.

Brabantia Bins: Bringing Style to Waste Removal

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

Brabantia bins come in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They can hold just about anything a homeowner would want to store, including laundry, trash, paper waste, dry food items and much more. They do all of this with new designs that make storage easier than ever before, and they manage to bring a splash of color into any space. If these bins came from anywhere besides Brabantia, they would be amazing. At Brabantia, the amazing is just the everyday.

When it comes to waste disposal, Brabantia bins do it with a style and flair that is rarely seen in this area. Trash bins in eye-popping blues, greens, yellows and purples may seem out-of-the-ordinary, but Brabantia has never seen any reason why a mundane function should seem mundane. For those who prefer something less colorful, there are elegant silver-colored waste bins in brilliant or matte finish.

These Brabantia bins are functional as well as attractive with their metal inner bucket for easy emptying and their solid hinge design. They are easy to clean, they close quietly and they don’t let odors out.

Brabantia bins for waste paper are just the right size to fit under an office desk, providing a sharp, simple-looking solution to clutter. There is also a large, rectangular paper recycling box, perfect for magazines and newspapers.

Brabantia bins for laundry come with a bag that can be removed and washed. They have ventilation holes that allow moisture to evaporate, avoiding smelly mildew. Shoppers can choose between a silver exterior and a white exterior with silver matte finish lid.

Brabantia also sells a full line of replacement parts for their bins. There are replacement lids, hinges and catches for all models, which is good since the bins are durable enough to be around for many years. The owners of Brabantia bins never need to worry about a worn-out hinge or a dented lid, as these items will always be in stock

A Greener Lifestyle Through Brabantia

Friday, May 27th, 2011

greener-lifestyle-brabantiaBrabantia Solid Company has earned its position as one of Europe’s leading suppliers of innovative household items. The company started in 1919 as van Elderen and Company in Aalst, The Netherlands manufacturing cigar tins and farm items such as milk sieves, buckets, funnels and watering cans. From the beginning the company was run by engineers and craftsmen who believed in good design and quality workmanship.

Brabantia has grown with the times, now employing a crew of specialists using computer-aided imaging and designer materials to create household items that look great and give superior performance. They make a range of products for bath, kitchen and laundry room, all with the clean, efficient look that has become a defining characteristic of Brabantia.

Understanding that their customers are interested in a greener lifestyle, Brabantia is a leading maker of equipment for drying laundry without electricity. Their compact indoor clothesline is a small, unobtrusive unit folded against the wall when not in use, but expands into a line with surprising capacity at a moment’s notice. Since the unit is always attached to the wall, it is ready when needed and does not need to be set up.

In addition to helping its customers save electricity, Brabantia helps them improve their personal environment with attractive waste containers. These containers actually complement a room’s decor instead of merely existing in it. They come in a variety of colors to match any room. There is a gleaming chrome collar and a swinging lid, completing a handsome unit that looks good and has a large capacity.

Brabantia makes a complete line of food storage containers, including bread bins and coffee canisters. Kitchens are full of things to be stored, and these attractive, stylish items provide a wonderful way to do it. These canisters have clear lips allowing the contents to be seen without opening the container. There are many colors and materials, allowing the homeowner to find a look that suits their space.

Stylish Trash Cans? Brabantia Says Yes!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Brabantia is dedicated to the idea that there is an attractive and efficient way to do all the jobs of the household, including waste disposal. Brabantia trash cans are bright and clean on the outside, their colors bold and their designs innovative and easy to use. At Brabantia trash cans get a new face.

Brabantia trash cans work smoothly and easily. A single touch causes the lid to open, the waste disappears and the lid snaps shut without touching the bin’s contents. The smooth mechanism is Brabantia’s Touch Bin concept, and it means homeowners will never again have to deal with noisy, clumsy trash cans that open poorly and do not close completely. The outside of the can is silvery metal with either brilliant or matt finish, enclosing everything in an eye-pleasing exterior.

Brabantia Touch Bin is popular, but some homeowners prefer the traditional pedal-operated waste containers. Brabantia has lots of these, but now they have a new look. Unlike older models, these pedal cans have a silver, bullet-nosed shape and smooth-working mechanism. Brabantia has kept the traditional, but improved on it.

Brabantia trash cans are easy to empty. Brabantia makes their own bin liners that are easy to remove even when full, and there is no unattractive overhang.

Outside the kitchen, homeowners need paper bins. Brabantia paper bins are as sleek and stylish as all their other products. Some are lidless, while others have flame guard lids. There are boxes for large amounts of paper, and a variety of shapes and sizes for fitting under things.

In fact, one of the best features of Brabantia trash cans is their variety of size and style. Trash cans no longer need to be awkward objects taking up floor space. Now they can fit under tables, desks, counter, sinks, or wherever they are needed.

At Brabantia trash cans don’t have to be ugly. They can be stylish, convenient and serviceable, bringing new convenience to an old function.

A Silver Lining to Garbage Disposal

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Brabantia bin liners are a smart solution for your everyday waste disposal needs! Brabantia bin liners are tailor made to work with the unique shape of your Brabantia waste bin. Custom fit trash bags are the latest innovation in keeping your home or office neat, clean and stylish.

The Barbantia custom trash disposal technique is a snap to use! Brabantia bin liners are sized according the size of your bin. In order to know which size you will need to purchase, simply look for the color code inside the lid of your waste bin. No more guessing games and eyeballing what size trash bag to fit into your waste containers.

The right bin liner means the right fit every time! Since Barbantia bin liners are designed to fit perfectly inside your Brabantia waste basket, this means you no longer have to worry about unsightly plastic trash bags hanging from the outer rim of your bin. Forget wrangling mis-sized bags that are too big or too small for your trash bin – these custom-sized liners are just right and involve no mess or spillage when you empty your trash. All you have to do to dispose of your trash is pull the sealing tape and the bin liner will be sealed shut and moved. The standard hanging loop at the head of the liners provides a clean, hygienic handle to lift the trash from and means you never have to have hand contact with a used trash liner.

Durable and capable of keeping your trash, these liners are composed of environmentally friendly, extra-strong quality plastic. Well designed, breathable Barbantia bin liners include a streamlined design that features ventilation holes that make it easier to insert the waste bag. The bin liners are conveniently lightweight and easy to store in your home or office!

Brabantia custom bin liners are meant for use with the 50 litre Touch Bin, the Open Top Bin and the Push Bin.

Easy, clean and always a perfect fit – grab some Brabantia bin liners today!

Modern Day Ironing Boards

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Brabantia Ironing BoardIn such a cutting edge world, we somehow have yet to eliminate the need for ironing. Luckily, the ironing board has continued to develop, helping people everywhere keep their clothes wrinkle free. Brabantia ironing boards are top quality, progressing and developing with the newest technological conveniences. Ironing is usually considered a hassle, but with the right equipment of the right quality, this task traditionally considered a chore quickly becomes a simple yet essential convenience.

The Brabantia ironing boards company sells a wide variety of ironing boards. Some are made for people who iron clothes daily and other models are designed for people who only iron occasionally. Brabantia is on the cutting edge when it comes to ironing board technology, making high quality boards that stand the test of time and make ironing easy.

One of the benefits of Brabantia ironing boards is that every single model comes with safety locks. The legs and handles are made with non-slip material so that safety is assured. Brabantia boards are made sturdy and strong so that the ironing work surface remains stable during use. These boards won’t bend or bow under the weight of several items of clothing so ironing multiple items at once is simple.

On top of safety, Brabantia also takes convenience seriously. The Brabantia ironing boards that feature a spot for steam units also include steam controls so condensation doesn’t build up unnecessarily. For regular use, the steam unit spots also fit regular irons so the board doesn’t get burned while in use.

Wrinkle free clothing is a must in professional environments or for anytime looking sharp is required or desired. The option of simply buying clothes that don’t wrinkle quickly becomes impractical for anyone interested in appearing fashionable. Plus, even types of fabric that don’t generally wrinkle will still come out of a suitcase crumpled. Having a high quality Brabantia ironing board on hand is the perfect way to make sure clothes become wrinkle free before being worn out.

Brabantia Ironing Board Covers Stand The Test Of Time

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Brabantia Ironing Board CoversBrabantia ironing board covers are an answer to a problem known to everyone who has ironed clothes: After much use, even the best-made of ironing boards will show some surface damage. When this happens, the iron will not slide across the surface as easily and smoothly as it should. In time the fabric gets frayed and starts to wear out.

This can be avoided with Brabantia ironing board covers. These disposable covers, held on by a pull string running around the edge, provide a uniformly smooth surface for ironing. As the cover ages and begins to lose its tautness, the pull string allows the user to tighten it and maximize its life. When it begins to fray, the cover can be thrown away and replaced.

Brabantia ironing board covers are attractive as well as practical, giving a cheerful, bright look to an otherwise dull job. Bringing a little color into the laundry room can certainly lift the mood of the place.

As with all their other products, Brabantia ironing board covers offer an assortment of options. There is a choice of materials ranging from 100 per cent cotton to cotton with a foam layer or even a heat-reflecting metalized layer. Each of these provides a slightly different ironing surface for maximum performance and user comfort.

To make sure each customer gets the cover to fit their ironing board, Brabantia ironing boards covers have color-coded labels. Of course, the package also specifies the dimensions of the board the cover will fit, so if the labels is not present for some reason, the customer can still be sure they’re getting the right one.

Brabantia ironing board covers are a great way to prevent wear and get the longest possible life from a board, and they can bring that splash of color to a space that certainly needs it. Of course, usefulness and great looks are only what one would expect from Brabantia, Europe’s leading innovator in housewares.

The basics of food storage

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Food storage is paramount in case an emergency situation ever occurs. There are tons of reasons why food storage should be something that everyone considers, whether it be preparing for potential emergencies or just to try and save some money by buying in bulk. Regardless of why you're storing, it's important to understand some basics.

The general rule should be to store 25 pounds of grains per person per month. Grains that should be stored include oatmeal, pasta, long-grain rice, barley, flour and cornmeal. Beans, peas and other legumes should be stored at five pounds per person per month. Canned goods are also great because like these other foods, they can be stored for longer periods of time without going bad.

For food storage in smaller portions, the Brabantia Touch Bin is an excellent choice for your home. The unit opens and closes easily with a light touch and is adorned with a stainless steel finish. At a width of nearly 18 inches, the product can store more than enough food for one's immediate needs. It also has a flat top to allow other kitchen items to be placed on top of it. With so many great features, the Brabantia Touch Bin should be a no-brainer.  

Tips to avoid wasting food

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Bread and other bakery items can be stored in a bread box to keep it fresher longerAccording to, Americans throw away about 27 percent of edible food each year, and the average family of four throws out about $600 worth of groceries each year.

Among the tips experts suggest to cut down on food waste is to make a list and stick to it while shopping, plan meals ahead of time and use up everything you buy.

Making sure food doesn't go bad or get stale before eating is another important way to save money and reduce waste.

Brabantia bread boxes help keep bakery items, snacks and other foods fresher for longer.

These items are available in roll top and flat top models and come in three different colors to complement any kitchen décor. In addition, they have a large capacity to keep items accessible yet out of sight.

According to, individuals can also help cut down on wasted bread by putting every slice to good use.

Crusts cut off of sandwiches and slightly stale pieces of bread can be made into homemade croutons or bread crumbs. And, adding chopped bread to soups dissolves and thickens the liquid.

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