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Control your moth problems today!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Save your clothes and eliminate those pesky mothsGot a moth problem? It might be time for an intervention. Moths are pesky little bugs that can infiltrate your home either through contaminated food or clothes. They can also be introduced by other pests like rodents or birds, according to

Moths can either attack your food – specifically grains and flours, or can lay their eggs in you clothing or other fabrics. It may be disgusting to think that bugs are reproducing all over your home but there are many ways of moth control, eliminating the insects and preventing them from coming back.

Moth control can easily be accomplished with the use of many natural and non-toxic products. Cedar wood sachets, for example, can be placed in areas with the most infestation, like your closet or pantry. Pantry moth traps are also natural solutions to eliminate the moths in your home. Simply place the trap in your cupboard and it will lure those pests in.

Get rid of those moths once and for all and take your clothes and food back from them.

Midwest prepares to battle gypsy moths

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

Midwest prepares to battle gypsy mothsAccording to the Chicago Tribune, Wisconsin and Minnesota are preparing a large-scale war against the tree-killing gypsy moth. The pests will enter their mating season in June, bringing with them a wave of destruction. Some reports have stated nearly 20 percent of affected trees dying in one season.

"If you had an extensive forest tent caterpillar outbreak," forest health specialist Mike Albers told the news source, "then add on gypsy moth defoliation, that might be too much stress too fast for some of our trees to handle."

Homeowners should also prepare for the possibility of moth control needs this summer. Safer Clothes Moth Traps cover a large area and contain a contain a non-toxic lure that will attract adult moths. This product will quickly alert you to any potential infestations and allow you to act quickly. Safer Pantry Moth Traps serve the same function for those that prefer to spoil your food.

Cedar Oil serves as a natural repellent to all moths. Not only will this keep them at bay, but it has the added benefit of restoring the pleasant smell that comes with cedar wood.

Cedar Moth Repellents freshen up your home

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Cedar Moth Repellents freshen up your homeMoths can appear out of nowhere during the warm months of the year. There won’t be any sign of them but, suddenly, a dozen will flutter out of your cupboard, getting into food and eating away at clothes.

To get rid of clothes moths, we recommend a simple spray, like the SLA Moth Spray, to protect your garments. To prevent moths from coming back, you should apply Cedar Oil to any wooden walls. The oil emits the pleasant smell of cedar and naturally repels moths.

For further protection, put up a Cedar Hanger Moth Cake, which hooks onto any clothes hanger and take up very little space while protecting an area of almost 19 feet.

Pantry moths prey on food, so before you embark on a mission to get rid of them, make sure you put your food elsewhere. After that, it’s best to use the SLA Moth Spray again. Make sure to check the corners of cupboards and drawers for crumbs. To keep moths away for good, place a Pantry Moth Trap onto the surface where moths have been flocking.

Moths are a nuisance, but getting rid of them doesn’t take much time or money and our selection of moth repellents will guarantee that you won’t have to deal with them again.ADNFCR-3390-ID-19842097-ADNFCR

Help! I need to get rid of these moths!

Friday, October 30th, 2009


There are plenty of moth products on the market, but finding the right ones and using them properly is critical to your success rate. At we stock a full spectrum of moth products to help you eliminate and keep moths away for good!

First Diagnose The Problem

Which type of moth do you have?  Clothes moths go after your clothes, especially wool products.  Pantry moths or grain moths are usually found in your “pantry” or anywhere you store any type of food products (including bird seed).

Treatment Options for Clothes Moths

First pull out all of your clothes from your closets, storage chests, etc.  We recommend that you spray down your closet with SLA Moth Spray.  This is a water based pyrethrin spray that is non-staining (to almost all surfaces).  Pay particular attention to the cracks and crevices.  This is where moths will lay a lot of their larvae.  After you finish spraying down the closet, close your doors for a couple of hours.  Then you can open them up to vent the area.

Next, take a look at your clothes.  Normally clothes moths go after wool clothing.  In order to kill all of the moths and their larvae you will need to either spray your clothes down with SLA Moth Spray, the water-based pyrethrin spray (test in an inconspicuous area first to make sure it doesn’t stain your clothes), or have them dry cleaned (if wool).  (Washable items can be put through your clothes washer.)

At this point you have likely eliminated most of the moths and their larve.  The best way to get rid of the rest of your moths is to use Safer’s Clothes Moth Traps.  These traps utilize a pheromone (female mating scent) to attract the male moths.  Once inside the trap they will get stuck to the sticky inside.

Prevention of Clothes Moths

As mentioned above clothes moths are usually attracted to wool clothing.  Therefore it’s your wool clothing items that you must pay particular attention to.  If you don’t mind using moth cake products, we recommend Reefer-Galler’s line of moth repellent products.  If you don’t want to use a chemical to repel moths then you should check out our non-toxic line of Moth Away products that use a unique herbal formula of peppermint, rosemary, thyme, and cloves.  Moth balls and moth cakes may also be used; however, please be sure to use only the recommended amount (More is not always better in this case!).  Moth balls and moth cakes are a pesticide that when used too heavily can emit enough fumes to cause someone to get sick.

In addition to the repellents listed above, we recommend that you store your wool clothing inside zip up bags.   This helps to prevent moths from being attracted to your wool clothing.  One last tip.  Moths tend to be attracted to food particles and human oils.  Most people don’t wash their wool clothing that often so these items tend to collect a lot of food particles.  Also, to prevent human oils from collecting on your wool clothing always wear something between your body and wool sweaters, etc.  when possible.

Treating for Pantry Moths/Flour Moths

Treating for Pantry or flour moths is similar to treating for clothes moths with a couple of differences.  First pull all of your food items, dishware, etc out of the infested area.  Next we recommend using our SLA Moth Spray and spraying down the whole inside of the infested area.  SLA Moth Spray is a non-Staining water-based pyrethrin spray.  It is non-staining, but SLA recommends testing in an inconspicuous area first to avoid discoloring or staining.  Make sure to pay close attention to cracks and crevices, because this is where the moths will lay their larvae.  After you finish spraying, close your doors for a couple of hours and then you can air it out.

Next, throw away any food that is infested with pantry or flour moths and wash all dishware, etc.  Make sure all of your food products that you put back in the cupboard are sealed well.  Finally, to eliminate the last of your moths place Safer’s Pantry Moth Traps up inside/around the infested area.  These traps utilize a pheromone (female mating scent) to attract the male moths.  Once inside the trap they will get stuck to the sticky inside.

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