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myDrap Napkins: Save Money And Trees

Monday, June 20th, 2011

MyDrap offers a great alternative to paper napkins available in five sizes ranging from cocktail napkins to premium dinner napkins. These alternative napkins are 100 percent cotton, delivered on a roll that keeps them neat and fresh-looking. Cotton-linen blend placemats are also available in several colors that coordinate with the napkins. MyDrap napkins and placemats are perfect for large gatherings that require a formal touch. They are also great for everyday events such as picnics, luncheons or regular mealtimes.

mydrap napkinsConvenient and eco-friendly, myDrap napkins are an economical choice. Each myDrap product can be washed and reused up to six times before being recycled with all other biodegradable yard waste. They can be repurposed for use in the home too, as dusting cloths, for drying glass ware, or any other cleaning task deemed suitable. Using these napkins and placemats can make changing the color scheme of the main eating area of the home easier. Adding an accent color with the napkins or changing up the placemat color can refresh the overall look of the table.

MyDrap products are sold by the roll. The roll keeps the product neat, stores easily and makes transporting them a breeze. The edge of each napkin is perforated so the napkins can easily be removed from the roll one at a time. Though first offered in a few solid colors, MyDrap products are now available in a wide variety of solid colors and they have recently added gingham and polka-dotted patterns to the mix, giving consumers multiple decorative choices when planning their next event.

Eco-Friendly Disposable Napkins From myDrap

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

myDrap napkinsEnvironmentally friendly napkins from myDrap are stylish, lightweight, and designed to fit any decor or table scheme with a multitude of versatile color and pattern options. Made of 100% biodegradable cotton material and delivered on a roll of 12 napkins, you have the option of using as many as you need at once and washing them as you go. Tear off one napkin for yourself or tear off four to set your dinner table for your special occasion. With a line of myDrap biodegradable napkins, you have even more options for living a greener lifestyle without compromising on quality.

Disposable paper napkins are wasteful, and they have no place on a formal table. myDrap biodegradable napkins serve as a good compromise, giving you the versatility of a disposable napkin that will not harm the environment when you throw it away. Made up of 100% biodegradable cotton fabric, you can breathe easier knowing that you can recycle your used napkins instead of simply tossing them into landfills.

Another perk to myDrap biodegradable napkins is that, unlike conventional disposable napkins, you have the option of using them multiple times. The environmentally friendly biodegradable napkins from myDrap can be washed up to six times before disposal, giving you the most for your money. After six washes, simply recycle your used napkins and acquire a new roll for your next special occasion.

myDrap biodegradable napkins serve many purposes. Use them on your table for special dinners, hang them in guest bathrooms for visiting relatives, or take them on picnics with the kids. No matter what the occasion, myDrap disposable napkins serve as great accents to every arrangement, adding style and flair with all the functionality of an environmentally friendly material.

MyDrap Napkins Make Entertaining Easy

Monday, June 13th, 2011

myDrap napkinsWhen you are entertaining guests, all of the various details of their visit can be enough to drive you mad. No matter how skilled you are in terms of hosting guests, there are always some difficult questions that have to be answered; for instance, what types of food should you serve? What amusement should you provide? How formal should you plan the occasion to be?

Many people are presented with this issue when planning occasions that fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum of formality. Home owners often plan on creating a friendly but slightly more upscale atmosphere for old college friends, coworkers, in-laws, and other such guests. It is easy to believe that you have everything under control – after planning the menu and the entertainment, it sometimes seems that all that there is left to do is make your guests feel comfortable in your home. However, you can come across obstacles in the most unexpected places. For example, what napkins should you use for the evening? Paper napkins can seem tacky and inadequate, but fine linens are usually too formal for these evenings. As trivial as this detail might seem, it leaves many people stumped.

Fortunately, there are a few ideal solutions for occasions such as these. Items like MyDrap napkins offer a balance between formality and comfort, perfect for upscale yet informal evenings. MyDrap napkins are made of a comfortable, light cotton material. This material is intended to provide an ideal middle ground between stiff linens and thin paper wares. MyDrap napkins are sold on rolls similar to those of paper towels, and users simply tear off the napkins that they need whenever it is necessary. MyDrap napkins are also offered in a variety of different sizes.

Entertaining guests is a joy to most people, but such an act is never without its headaches. Thankfully, products such as MyDrap napkins solve some of the smaller issues of your evening, leaving you to enjoy the night.

myDrap Placemats: Resilient, Reliable, Recyclable

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Placemats from myDrap come with all the convenience of disposable placemats and all the durability expected from permanent ones. When using myDrap placemats, individuals will have the benefit of quality placemats that will withstand even the toughest jobs, fitting in with even the most formal of occasions. In addition, with multiple color and pattern choices available, myDrap placemats will match any table’s color scheme, making them convenient and versatile choices for parties on a budget.

myDrap placematsmyDrap placemats come in rolls of 12, perforated at the edges for easy removal and the ultimate in convenience. Individuals have the option of using the whole roll at once for large dinner parties, or using only a few at a time for smaller, more casual affairs. As a bonus, each placemat is machine washable and will last for up to six washes. This ensures that the consumer receives the most results for the price, enjoying the versatility of high quality placemats with the option to recycle when they have served their purpose.

Placemats from myDrap come in a wide array of colors and patterns to compliment any special occasion including birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. In addition, the convenient roll of 12 placemats is traveler friendly, taking up minimum space and tucking neatly into tote bags or suitcases with ease. On picnics, road trips, or visits to the beach, myDrap placemats provide the most convenient options for individuals on the go.

Linens from myDrap provide convenience and quality with all the added benefits of 100% recyclable material, making disposal easy and safe for the environment. Versatile, colorful, and durable enough to last for six washes, myDrap placemats will meet the needs of any formal dinner party, champagne brunch, or casual lunch in the park.

MYdrap: Disposable Cloth Napkins & Placemats

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

MYdrap napkinsIf you are looking for a great way to always have cloth napkins at any fancy occasion, check out MYdrap napkins! These napkins are great for any party, wedding, or special occasion. The MYdrap napkins are one hundred percent cotton and come on a perforated roll. The roll size varies based on your needs, available in either twelve or twenty five napkins per roll! Elegant MYdrap napkins are available in six different colors that suit any theme or dining room. They can also be laundered up to six times and once you are done with them, they are recyclable and biodegradable!

When people plan a party or social gathering, most of the time, napkins get replaced with paper napkins due to the increased cost of cotton/linen napkins. You can plan the party of you dreams with MYdrap napkins on your side. You can coordinate the napkins to the theme or color of your party, and even supplement your look with MYdrap placemats. This will give you the sophisticated look and feel for your party that everyone desires.

Some people recommend that you have cloth napkins on hand for decorative purposes. This is a great idea, and you can have an assortment of colors available when you need them with MYdrap napkins. Whether you are decorating your dining room, accenting a coffee table display, or throwing a party, these are the “green” napkins for your needs. They are soft and absorbent as well as fashionable for any occasion. Remember, for all your napkin needs, use MYdrap napkins and class your atmosphere up!

MYdrap Napkins: Bridging The Gap

Saturday, April 16th, 2011
MYdrap NapkinsA good napkin can make or break the dining experience, especially if barbequed hot wings are on the menu. Everyone is familiar with the cheap paper napkins that so frequently grace fast food restaurants and the family dinner table. For the fine dining patron, it is expected that a more formal linen napkin – usually white or black will be offered as part of the experience. However, there is a new innovation on the market called MYdrap napkins that have begun to bridge the gap between the traditional options.

Originating in Europe, MYdrap napkins may look like paper towels with their perforated edges, but it doesn’t take long after feeling them to realize that these are different. Made from 100 percent textile and available in cotton or linen, these dining marvels are perfect for the dinner party, picnic, or everyday use. With six varieties of sizes, and sufficient colors and patterns to match or compliment any decor, MYdrap napkins have quickly caught on in Europe and beyond. The larger placemat sizes are popular for parties, while the smaller option is great for practical everyday uses such as cleaning household messes, or to stash in the car or diaper bag. Caterers love the fact that MYdrap napkins are disposable without compromising class, quality, or functionality. Businesses love that product personalization is offered.

Another benefit worth touting about MYdrap napkins is the fact that they are environmentally friendly, due to the ability to wash, reuse, and eventually recycle them. In fact, Mydrap napkins can be laundered up to six times.

As a unique, practical, and affordable product, MYdrap is sure to class up a dinner party and be a topic of conversation.

MYdrap: Add class to your party without breaking your budget!

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

When planning a party, everyone always wants to make it as nice as possible.  However, every planner has to consider the costs and time required to assemble the best experience for it’s guest as they can.  In many cases classy napkins, placemats, etc,  get passed over and are replaced by paper napkins and no placemat!  The fact of the matter is, cloth dinner napkins and placemats are expensive.  Even if they are rented out, they all have to be washed at the end of the night.

MYdrap offers a unique, one of a kind solution.  MYdrap manufacturers a line of disposable/reusable dinner, cocktail, and luncheon napkins, as well as placemats, that look like high quality napkins but cost only a fraction of the price.  All of MYdrap’s products are packaged and sold on a roll.  All their products come pre-perforated, so all you have to do is roll out and tear off to get a single unit.  In fact, once torn off, the napkins and placemats perforated edge is barely noticeable.  While MYdrap’s are priced such that they could be disposed of after a party, many people choose to reuse them.  They are durable enough to be thrown in a normal clothes washer cycle.

Now your party’s napkins and placemats can go from the place where you cut corners to keep costs down (and clean-up time down) to the talk of the party!  MYdrap is new to the US for 2011.  Be one of the first to show off this amazing product!

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