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Wrapped Up in the Warmth of iHeaters

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

iHeater warmthAs energy prices rise and temperatures drop, you may be worrying about the impending heating bills of the cold winter days. You could save money by not turning the heat up in your house, but then you suffer as you shiver under a blanket.

The iHeater is a portable space heater that can heat a room evenly and comfortably at little cost to you. The infrared technology that iHeaters use takes in the cold air in the room and turns it into warm air. Regular space heaters only try to warm the surrounding cold air, which takes quite a bit of time. In addition, regular space heaters only seem to warm up a small area of the room while other sections of the room remain cool. The infrared technology in iHeaters turns all the cold air into warm air, making it warm up the room faster than a regular space heater and allows the room to be more evenly heated.

You also don’t have to worry about your children or pets burning themselves with iHeaters. The power of iHeaters may be enough to warm an entire room, but it stays cool enough to the touch to never be of harm to anyone that might accidentally bump into it or try to touch it. Regular space heaters get very hot and can cause a big hazard to anyone around it. Whether it’s a child playing, a pet running around or even a person not paying attention for a second, a small accident around a space heater can cause painful injuries.

Finally, you can save a lot of money on your heating bills by using an iHeater. Why crank up the thermostat and empty your pockets on energy bills? An iHeater could be the salvation of both your thermostat and your wallet.

Energy Savings with the iHeater

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

The iHeater is a device that heats the home at what is claimed to be a lower price than other types of heaters. This claim is not unlike other manufacturer claims, so it is important to research the lower heating bill claims to ascertain that the heater is everything it says it is, including cost effectiveness.

The iHeater is a space heater that has a tip over switch to prevent fire in the event the heater is knocked over. It has the same amenities as heaters of its type. The major difference is that this heater costs far less than other brands. The best news is that it does appear to help people reduce their heating bills by about 30% to 50%, depending on several factors.

One of the main factors that will give the greatest reduction in heating bills is the temperature in the house. If the temperature remains the same throughout the year, it will be easier to realize the best savings. The size of the home and whether some rooms will be closed off can also account for more savings while using the iHeater. The savings also depends on the settings on the heater. The more space the heater is set to cover, the higher the energy cost incurred.

By all accounts, it appears the iHeater does exactly what it says it does, including the lower heating bills. Because this heater costs less to purchase as well as costs less to run, it is a wise purchase. There are no bells and whistles with the heater. It is a good product that works well. It comes with a standard one year warranty and has fire safety features.

Why Buy an iHeater?

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

iHeater boxWith so many space heaters on the market why buy an iHeater? After a little research, it’s plain to see why. First of all, it has a quieter fan than most space heaters. Nothing is more irritating than a noisy fan, but that’s not a problem with an iHeater. Turn it on and you’ll almost forget it’s there. The infrared-heated air rises to the ceiling slower than most heaters. This leaves the room feeling warm and comfortable from the floor to the ceiling. It can also heat up more than one room at a time with a capacity of 1,000 square feet.

Secondly, the iHeater is safe to use. There is no discharged energy that will cause harm so children and pets are perfectly safe. Another great feature is that the iHeater weighs around 26 pounds and is on wheels making it easy to move from room to room. You can even put it in the garage if you want to spend time in there on a cold day. Because the concrete floor will absorb some of the heat, the heater will work better if placed a few feet above the floor on a rug. Infrared heat never reaches a burning temperature.

Another great reason is the money you’ll save. You will discover that there’s no need to buy expensive filters that have to be replaced when dirty. The iHeater has a washable filter that will last the lifetime of the heater, and seeing it is powered by electricity, that means saving money on the gas bill.

So now that the reasons of why buy an iHeater have been covered, the only remaining question is why wouldn’t you buy one?

Save Money With The iHeater1500 This Season

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Winter is here, bringing with it days around the fireplace, hot chocolate with marshmallows and snowmen. It also brings heating bills. Depending on the area, heating bills grow ever higher with the price of coal and oil. Electricity, generated by coal or oil, also grows higher.

iHeater diagramOne answer to heating the home economically is the iHeater 1500. It uses quartz infrared technology to heat the room without blowing forced air. It works by heating objects and people the unit is directed at. Heat is produced instantly; there is no need to wait for the unit to heat up before working.

The iHeater 1500 can be found in big box stores and online. The remote control allows the user to choose settings of low, medium and high. On high, the unit uses 1500 watts of electricity, which is far less than forced air central heating. It has a lifetime washable filter, which saves money because no other filter is needed.

It does not remove oxygen from the air like gas and propane heaters do. Flames need oxygen to burn. The iHeater 1500 also has tip over protection, meaning if the unit is tipped over, it automatically turns off. Portable gas heaters do not have this protection.

Reviewers report that having humidity in the room helps the unit maintain the heat better. Others praise the heater without mentioning humidity. The iHeater 1500 works best when the directions are followed carefully. This is not a forced air heater that will circulate the air around the room. There is no fan in the heater to blow air or dust around, so it is healthier heat.

In a room properly insulated and the unit pointed in the direction that heat is needed, reviewers reported this unit works amazingly well and people have reported lower energy bills. It is worth the investment.

Save Money, Get Comfy With the iHeater

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Some people dread winter time and colder weather because of the amount of their heating bills. With the economy in bad shape and budget plans still not fitting into people’s budgets, it’s important to have an alternative to heating home. No matter where the iHeater is placed, it creates a warm and comfortable atmosphere that still cuts heating bills in half. Don’t be stuck on the couch wrapped in blankets when it’s not necessary. The iHeater is new, effective, and people are raving about the energy efficiency they get from the product.

With everyone “going green” and watching their energy consumption, iHeater caters to their every need. It’s not hard going greeniHeaterwhen the appliance that heats the home is more energy efficient than any other reasonable alternative. Don’t stay in the house all bundled up in sweaters, snuggle up and watch a movie with the iHeater. Don’t worry about keeping guests warm without the furnace on because it will generate enough heat to keep everyone cozy.

It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing outside – the iHeater will still save money and last for winters to come. This isn’t a heater that is going to burn out leaving a heater purchase on the list for next year, it comes with a warranty that will ensure the highest quality heating capabilities. Use it in the garage, the living room, the den, or office, it is portable and easily accessible. It isn’t heavy or dangerous to move and can even be on in the bedroom!

This portable heater is the perfect way to enjoy the cold weather. It leaves everyone happy and satisfied. Save money by cutting the heating bills and enjoying other activities comfortably at home with the iHeater.

Stay Warm This Winter With Infrared iHeater

Monday, December 19th, 2011

For many individuals and families, trying to heat an entire house or apartment can be a financial and physical burden. Many people have found a cost-effective solution to heating in the form of an infrared iHeater. This movable heating unit features exceptional infrared technology that is designed to provide heating throughout a house.

iHeater 1500The infrared iHeater is affordable since it contains one unit that can heat as much as 1,500 square feet. Homeowners can stay warm without being concerned about high heating costs. Many people who turn their unit on regularly can cut their heating bills in half. Also, the unit’s exceptional design and technology prevents children and animals from getting burned if they get too close. Before buyers decide to use one of these units, they should look at the testimonials of customers who are generally satisfied with the product.

The infrared iHeater is made to distribute a suitable balance of heat through infrared technology and use the minimal amount of energy available. It is also extremely portable and operates on wheels so it can be dragged from one room to the next. The device makes use of whisper-quiet technology that prevents anything from being heard when the work is being done. Just like an A/C, people do not want to deal with noisy heaters. Another huge benefit of the device is its even distribution of heat that can cover the entire wall, floor, and ceiling. Users will enjoy having a natural stream of warmth due to this even balance of heat.

Nobody wants to face the winter head on without proper heating or wake up in a room that has been overtaken by the cold. For this reason, many people decide to pay high energy bills every month just to stay warm for one season. However, the infrared iHeater is the affordable solution to keeping warm and comfortable that many homeowners prefer over any other option.

iHeater 1500: Kid And Pet Friendly

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

iHeaterThe iHeater 1500 is an infrared heater capable of heating up to 1500 square feet at 6000 BTU on it’s highest power setting for as little as a dollar a day. It can even be adjusted to heat 500, 1000 or 1500 square feet. The iHeater is also capable of heating multiple rooms. All you have to do is place it in a central room and turn on the ceiling fans to circulate the heat. Ceiling fans typically have two settings; one for summer and one for winter.

The iHeater 1500 does not contain any heating bulbs. Instead, it uses infrared heating elements combined with a copper heating chamber. Heat is drawn through the back of the unit, up and over the heating elements and is discharged out the front by two highly efficient fans. This combination makes the iHeater 1500 more energy efficient than other standard heating models and can cut heating bills by as much at 50 percent.

There’s no flames, fumes or carbon monoxide associated with this portable heating unit. It can be placed against walls and furniture without fear of starting a fire. It doesn’t also leaves oxygen and humidly in the air and automatically shuts off if it’s knocked over. This makes the iHeater 1500 extremely kid and pet friendly.

The iHeater 1500 stands 17 inches by 13 inches by 16 inches which makes it extremely space efficient as well as energy efficient. The heater can be ordered in wood grain or solid black, and it comes with a remote control for easy heat management. The unit itself has a digital display for easy temperature readings and visual management of settings.

To make this compact heater even better, it comes with a free factory warranty which means if it breaks, just send it back to the company for repair or replacement. You just can’t go wrong with the iHeater 1500.

Fight Winter Cold with the iHeater

Monday, December 12th, 2011

iHeaterToday’s heating costs leave you cold. All types of heating products run that electric bill up sky high during the coldest part of the winter months. There has been no way to get around the costs until now.

The iHeater is an innovative new product that can heat evenly and cut your home heating costs by about fifty percent. The secret is with the use of infrared technology. No heating elements to break or crack, and no glass to heat through. The heater houses a heating element that has a quartz titanium oxide instead of the traditional silicon. This state of the art unit lasts for about 60,000 hours, unlike the usual five thousand hours for the old-style heater. This productive heater will heat your home comfortably for years to come.

The infrared is channeled so the heater remains safe to the touch on the outside of the unit. Kids and pets will remain safer around the iHeater. The safety features of the iHeater include the impossible accidental fire due to the infrared element. Efficient conversion of electricity into heat makes the iHeater the most economical form of heating for any home, RV, trailer, and cabin or office space.

Air filters in the heating unit are washable and reusable. The filters are durable enough to be used a lifetime with the proper care. Heat your space efficiently, affordably and evenly this winter with the amazing whisper quiet iHeater. The savings will be seen during the first winter use. There’s a full year factory warranty and it even comes with a risk free money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied. Don’t let the cold winter electric bills get you down – it doesn’t take long to warm up to the new iHeater!

Two Appliances in One: The Venta LW44 Airwasher

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Air purifiers can remove harmful dust and dirt particles from the air, reducing indoor air pollution and in the end making the air healthier to breath. Humidifiers add moisture to overdried and overheated air, helping to reduce stuffy noses and sore throats.

The Venta LW44 Airwasher does both.

Created for large spaces, the Venta LW44 Airwasher fits rooms up to 720 square feet and can evaporate up to three gallons of water each day. It does so using a system different from the typical ultrasonic mister or vaporizer. The Venta LW44 Airwasher instead uses a cold evaporation system that is recognized industrywide as superior to nebulization or vaporization. Built sturdy and backed by a 10-year warranty, the Venta LW44 Airwasher is also a good buy on any budget because it combines two large appliances in one.

Here is how the unique system works—the dry and dirty air is drawn into the Venta LW44 Airwasher and through rotating stacks of discs. The debris from the air sticks to these discs and falls in the lower area of the unit, so that only the clean water evaporates into the room. Clean-up is a breeze after that, with the dirt collecting dry in the bottom.

Anyone who has ever had a lower quality air purifier or humidifier knows that for all their advantage, they can tend to be a bit annoying. The constant hum and that stagnant water smell makes rooms uncomfortable and sleep difficult. But the Venta LW44 Airwasher solves these problems. It is odorless and runs so quietly that it can fit into any bedroom without creating a disturbance. With no dirty or bacteria-filled filters to change out or clean, it is extremely easy to use, and actually only consumers less electricity than a 40-watt light bulb.

Venta LW44 Airwasher – Does it Really Deliver?

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

It may be hard to believe that an appliance weighing only 13 pounds can pack such a powerful punch, but the Venta LW44 Airwasher does! If you are like many others, you are likely questioning if it really is capable of delivering its promises as both a purifier and humidifier or if it is better suited to use as one or the other. Rest assured that the Venta LW44 Airwasher does exactly what it says it does!

How it Works

It has been suggested by experts that the best way to humidify and clean the air in your home is by utilizing cold evaporation. The Venta LW44 Airwasher purifies and adds humidity by using water, not a filter pad. This removes millions of airborne particles so the air that you breathe is fresh and clean.

If you have had a humidifier in the past, you are familiar with the mist expelled that requires surrounding surfaces to be continually cleaned. The Venta LW44 Airwasher works without exhausting this mist so you never have to feel the need to wipe the table all the time as it is running.

Do You Need a Humidifier?

You may be asking if a humidifier is really that necessary to have. Sure, you can understand the need for an air purifier but what is the point of adding moisture into a room?

When your home is lacking moisture, you are plagued with dry skin, cracked lips, dull hair, itchy eyes, a sore throat and static cling. If that’s not enough, you are more prone to illness because dried mucous membranes in your nose, throat and eyes have a harder time resisting viruses. The Venta LW44 Airwasher will make your home healthier and more comfortable!

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