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Types of Electric Window Candles

Nothing adds warmth and beauty to a home like candles do during the holiday season, and nothing is safer and more versatile than electric window candles. With so many styles and options to choose from, decorating possibilities are endless. Listed below are three different types of popular electric window candles and a brief description of each.

bracket window candleTraditional Bracket Candles

Traditional bracket candles easily mount in most any type of window. They contain a small bracket that slips underneath the closed window, holding the candle in place. Bracket candles usually feature white or off-white colored tapers and a brass, bronze or pewter base. They are available in single taper style or candelabra style. This type of candle can be found with a built-in sensor that automatically turns the lamp on and keeps it burning from dusk till dawn.

Chamber Candles

Electric chamber candles typically feature white colored tapers mounted on a round metal base with an attached thumb grip. These candles do not contain brackets. This style of candle resembles those used in colonial days and is usually found in single taper style.

Electric Drip Look Candles

Electric drip look candles typically contain white or off-white tapers that feature a life-like dripping wax design. These electric window candles are most often mounted on a metal base, usually brass, bronze or pewter, and sit in the window sill. This type of candle can be found in single taper style or candelabra style.

There are many other styles of electric window candles available. Some of the more modern styles are battery operated and feature flickering LED light bulbs. Electric window candles can be found in various colors with bases made from different types of wood, glass, metal and plastic.

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