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WellnessMats Meet the Grade!

When looking for an anti-fatigue mat you want something that is durable, stylish and comfortable.  WellnessMats can cover all these bases.


WellnessMats are manufactured from a proprietary Advanced Polyurethane Technology (APT) that enables the mats to stand up to the rigors of day to day traffic in your kitchen, bathroom or even your workshop!  APT allows the WellnessMats thick, resilient, elastomeric core to bond with its thin, anti-microbial surface that protects against abrasions and stains. This APT core allows WellnessMats to back their products with an industry leading 7 year warranty!


WellnessMats come in a variety of finishes and colors.  Choose from their traditional smooth finish, the detailed Motif collection and the Maxum Industrial Strength collection for workshops and other high traffic locations. 

Color choices for WellnessMats vary by design.  The widest selection of colors is available in their regular smooth finish.  Choose from black, gray, brown, tan and mahogany.

In addition to a variety of colors and finishes, WellnessMats are constructed to maintain their style over time with features that include edges that won’t roll, UV stability to prevent color bleaching and a tear & puncture resistant surface.  This combination of style and durability makes WellnessMats a top choice of many, but to really seal the deal an anti-fatigue mat needs to be comfortable as well.


WellnessMats are designed to be able to absorb the pressure put on it’s mats by consistent standing by individuals in almost any environment.  In fact, a women can even wear heals on top of the mat and it will not burst!  That is not the case with one of WellnessMats leading competitors, GelPro Chef’s Mats.

WellnessMats definitely meet the grade!  They hit on all three of the most important marks consumers look for in a anti-fatigue mat: durability, style and comfortably.

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