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Stink Bug Solutions

stink bug trapStink bugs are the bane of gardeners in the summer and a nuisance to homeowners in the winter. Unlike most pests these insects cannot simply be crushed or tossed outside. If they are harassed or killed they emit a horrid stench. So how do you get rid of these odorous invaders? One method is to make a stink bug trap. Using a little knowledge of their natural behavior you can catch these bugs without triggering their pungent defenses.

To build your very own stink bug trap all you need are a few simple household items. Find an empty 2-liter soda bottle, tape, and a battery powered LED light or a small flashlight. Cut the soda bottle in half and place the light in to the bottom. Turn the top of the soda bottle upside down and place it on to the bottom half to create a funnel. Tape the two halves together securely. Leave your new stink bug trap in a darkened room overnight. By morning it should be filled with bugs that were drawn to its enticing light. The bugs can be killed by pouring water mixed with dish soap in to the trap or by leaving them in the freezer for a few hours.

Another option is to buy a commercial stink bug trap. Like the homemade version these traps usually use light to lure the bugs to their doom. They may come with extra features such as scent lures or sticky glue to prevent escape. You can also find a stink bug trap that is designed specifically for use outdoors.

The arrival of stink bugs does not have to be something you dread each season. Plan ahead and set up your stink bug trap when you first notice them in your home or garden. Preventing an infestation before it starts is the best way to avoid being overrun by these pungent pests.

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