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Looking for the Best Deer Repellent?

Deer populations in residential areas continue to climb year after year due to the fact that deer have no natural predator in suburban communities.  Add in that many residential areas have outlawed killing/shooting deer in their locations and deer present a major problem for home owners’ gardens.  As a result, the only option is to use a deer repellent.  This leads our customers to ask…..

What is the Best Deer Repellent?

I have a lot of experience experimenting, selling and listening to customers who have purchased deer repellents at our retail location Rollier Hardware and online through  Many people find some success with a deer repellent and keep using a particular brand, while some of our customers have experimented with a variety of different repellents.  However, many of the master gardeners and landscapers that shop our retail and online store find that mixing up deer repellents is the best way to repel deer.  Mixing up the agent used to repel deer from your plants keeps deer confused as to whether your plants are safe to eat. 

What should I use to Repel Deer?

Our database shows that the customers who have the highest effectiveness at repelling deer are ones that practice applying different types of repellents throughout the year, or use two different repellents at the same time: a spray and a perimeter repellent.

Let’s review your options for perimeter repellents and spray repellents.

Spray deer repellents are applied directly to the foliage of the plants that you want to keep deer and other animals from consuming.  Sprays generally need to be applied once every 4-6 weeks.  Exceptions include after a very hard rain fall or if the plant has a lot of new growth.  In these cases you will need to reapply immediately.  Our selection of spray deer repellents includes:

  1. Liquid Fence – #1 in market share, uses a combination of garlic and egg solids (NOTE: has a strong smell for the first few days after application)
  2. Deer Solution – Uses a combination of cinnamon oil, garlic and egg solids.  The cinnamon oil is the dominate scent, which means it won’t have the unpleasant smell you will receive with Liquid Fence.
  3. Deer Stopper – Very similar to Deer Solution.  Uses a combination of peppermint oil, garlic and egg solids.  In this case the peppermint oil is the dominate scent, which means you will also not have to deal with an unpleasant smell.

Perimeter Deer Repellents save time and money by enabling you to apply a perimeter band around the area that you want to keep deer and other animals away from.  They work best when you have flower beds or a lot of plants grouped together, which cuts down on the amount of product that is needed to treat your locations.  Our selection of perimeter deer repellents include:

  1. Deer Scram - Uses a combination of dried blood, garlic, white pepper and cloves.  100% natural and organic!  Costs just pennies per square foot of protection!
  2. PredaScent- Utilizes coyote urine to mask the scent of plants.  This is highly effective, since coyotes are a deer’s natural predator.  Unlike almost any other deer repellent on the market, PredaScent actually thrives with when it rains.  PredaScent is packaged in a small capsule that degrades and releases the urine scent every time it rains!
  3. Plot Saver – Ideal for farmers.  Plot Saver utilizes an unique concept that has you set up stakes around the perimeter of your crop.  You then wrap a fabric around the stakes.  Finally the fabric is sprayed with a deer repellent.

I would recommend either rotating the type of repellent you use or for best results or use a spray and a perimeter repellent at the same time.

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