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Solving Big Green Egg Problems

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The Big Green Egg is a unique grill, which brings with it a set of unique problems to solve.  To help you keep your grilling and smoking experience the best it can be, we have provided a list of the most common problems you may encounter with your Big Green Egg.  In addition, we have a list of the most common Big Green Egg replacement parts.  We also provide links to our e-commerce store, so you can get all the necessary replacement parts for your Big Green Egg. 

Big Green Egg Problems and Solutions

Problem: How do I control the temperature of my Big Green Egg?

Solution:It takes time to master temperature control.  This is done through proper ventilation of the draft door at the bottom and the dual function metal top.  By adjusting the available air flow through these two devices, you will be able to monitor the temperature through Big Green Eggs thermometer.  When mastered you can maintain temperatures from 200-700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Problem: Big Green Egg states that you can reuse the charcoal you have at the bottom of your grill.  I’ve tried this, but I can’t get their grill to heat up enough.  What do I need to do?

Solution:  You can reuse the charcoal at the bottom, but you must empty out the ash that builds up at the bottom of your Green Egg.  If you don’t it ends up building up to the point where it will prevent air circulation through your grill.  Just leave the large chunks behind for the next time you grill.

Problem: I empty out the ashes from my Big Green Egg, but I still have problems getting the temperature up when reusing the charcoal.

Solution:  Temperature problems can also occur from damp charcoal.  If your charcoal is damp, then you will most likely not be able to get the temperature of your Big Green Egg over 350 degrees Fahrenheit.  If this is the case, simply replace the charcoal with new dry charcoal.

Problem:  When I go to open my grill I tend to get a flair up.  Why is this happening? 

Solution:  If you are cooking at temperatures above 350 degrees and open the lid quickly, the sudden increase in oxygen will cause a flair up.  To prevent this, open the lid up an inch or two and let the change in oxygen available to your flame readjust.  Then proceed to open up the lid the rest of the way.

Problem: There is a small gap between my lid and the base of my Big Green Egg.  This is causing smoke to leak out.  What can I do?

Solution:  This is an easy fix!  Loosen the top band just a little bit.  Then adjust the lid of your Green Egg until it is aligned properly.  Then re-tighten the band.  If this doesn’t fix the problem, Big Green Egg says over time it is possible that the nuts that hold the spring to the lower band can become off set.  To fix this, loosen the nuts and readjust the nuts so they are aligned properly.

Problem: I have mold growing in my Big Green Egg.  How do I get rid of it?

Solution: Mold is always forming in our environment, so it is hard to completely avoid it.  In order to fix this problem, start your Big Green Egg up and let it cook for 30 minutes at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  This will kill any mold that is in your grill.  Then close off the air circulation to your grill.  After it cools down take a wire brush and scrape off any left over mold.

Problem: I purchased the Big Green Egg Egg Mate Side Tables.  How do I keep them from discoloring and collecting grease from my grill?

Solution: The Big Green Egg side tables are made from cypress wood, which will hold up well to the sun and rain over time.  Although, if you want to keep their original color, you will need to apply a polyurethane coating to prevent the color from fading.  If a darker color than the color of the tables is desired, you will need to stain it first and then apply a clear coat.  To make sure that your tables stay in good condition, reapply the clear coat every year.

Big Green Egg Replacement Parts:  Includes tips for proper replacing of Green Egg parts.

Big Green Egg Fire Grate: This seems to be one of the most common replacement parts.  The heat from the charcoal will eventually break down your cast iron grate.

Big Green Egg Stainless Steel Draft Door: Over time grease will build up and prevent the draft door from easily opening and closing.  Although you could try cleaning it with solvent that cuts grease, such as Krud Kutter, you can purchase a replacement Big Green Egg Vent.

Big Green Egg Replacement Felt Gasket Kit:Replacing the gasket to your Big Green Egg is inevitable.  Directions for proper removal of your old felt and adhering the new gasket kit can be found below.

  1. Make sure your Big Green Egg is completely cool.
  2. Remove your old felt gasket with flat edged scraper or utility knife.
  3. Use a solvent, such as acetone, to completely remove any adhesive residue to ensure the new felt gasket will adhere.
  4. The Replacement Gasket Kit comes with an adhesive backing, but if you feel you would like extra adhesive, you may use a spray adhesive to ensure proper adhesion.  Spray a little bit of a spray adhesive, such as 3M’s Super 77 spray adhesive, on the base and rim of the lid.  Let it sit for about 2 minutes, or until it is tacky.
  5. Remove the backing from the Big Green Egg Gasket Kit and press down firmly as you work around the base and lid.  Don’t try to stretch the material.  There is ample material to go around the base and the lid.
  6. Close the lid and allow the felt to cure for 24 hours before using
  7. If the Big Green Egg Felt Gasket should start to pull up, use a household glue, such as Elmer’s Glue to reattach the loose portion.

Click here to view our complete list of Big Green Egg Replacement Parts.

What if I Have a Different Problem?

If you didn’t find your problem listed, we recommend calling Big Green Egg directly for the best service. If you need a Big Green Egg Replacement Part that was not listed on our website, please give us a call and we would be happy to quote you a price on a special order. (Toll-Free 1-877-750-0971)

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